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Eye texture fail?


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One Followers Guard (ID 00124ADF) in the Mormon Fort has a case of Pupula Duplex. One Followers Doctor has some other disorder.

Been playing for a while, and this is the first time I've seen such a thing in the game. Race menu doesn't offer this as an option.

Not the fault of optimized textures.



If anyone knows how such things come to be, I'm interested, but due to... life, can't offer prompt responses.

Looks curious. Unless there's an obvious culprit, I'm gonna leave it. Everything else looks fine, and it's not even badly immersion breaking.

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Do you have the FCO eye fix?

I just followed the F&L guide. Nothing about an eye fix there. Or on the Fallout Character Overhaul info/download page. Or on Nexus serch. Google found me some pages, yes, like this one (no, I have neither Mikoto nor Delight installed), several about eyes turned right (not the problem), a fix for child eyes (ditto), or this one (I don't use FNV Redesigned)...

At this point I feel I should stop looking and jut ask:

      The what?

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There is another one in FCO - Afterschool Special.esp. Paul Edgecomb has the lazy eye. I made the following edit...


FCO - Afterschool Special.esp ... Non-Player Character ... xx001B34 Paul Edgecomb ... ENAM - Eyes ... EyeBlue2 "Blue 2" [EYES:xx011358C]


Remember to re-include the mod in the Bashed Patch as it is one that is Merged by Wrye Bash.

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