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SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn

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Hey Guys I have decided since there is enough people calling for it I will be stating A new guide:

SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn Main Guide https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Darth_mathias/SRLE_Extended_Legacy_of_The_Dragonborn

SRLE Extended: Legacy of The DragonBorn Install Guide: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Darth_mathias/SRLE_Extended_Legacy_of_The_Dragonborn_Integration_guide


This guide it will be separate from my other guide but will include a lot of the same mods. Right now this guide is in the very very early stages as you can all see. I currently don't have my PC Setup and it won't be for approx 2 weeks. Over the Next 2 weeks I will be forming the mod list used in this guide so please let me know what mods from SRLE Extended you would really like to see carried over to my new guide and which ones you think I should drop.


I am planning to provide a complete CR which should cover both Neo's CR and my own in 1 esp.

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I think you should do your own thing, Than we can install SRLE or Whatever you choose to call your guide. Than you can get rid of extended because its extra work you probably don't need to worry about. SRLE Legendary is  Neo's 2nd guide. I'm sure he learned what to and what not to do with his first guide. Maybe its time for you to do your own thing separate from him.

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Hey there, I am one of the support staff over at Legacy and thought I would drop in and make a few suggestions.


At Legacy, we are very much against using the Official HD Texture packs. We outline the reasons pretty clearly over there but the basic gist of it is that they are poorly optimized and use up too much VRAM for what they are worth.  We recommend the following mod instead:




I'm sure you know by now that Legacy has Book Covers and Book Covers Lost Library integrated, as well as Moonpaths to Elsweyr, so those are not needed.



One thing I found out a while back as well is that Realistic Room Rental Enhanced messes up a Legacy quest that takes place in one of the inns. At this time, after examining it, we are still unsure why as it shouldn't, but it does. Using the basic version of RRR for now is no problem at all though.  I'm sure we will revisit this in the near future and try to find the workaround.


That's all I can think of at the moment, but if anything else comes up, we will be sure to let you know.


I think that it's awesome you're doing this.  Legacy is an amazing mod and now that it is nearing 100% completion the timing for something like this couldn't be better.


Keep up the great work you're doing helping others make Skyrim a great place to continue adventuring in!  :)

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Hey, good to see you around here. :-)


FYI, SR:LE already uses that (or recommends to optimize the vanilla textures yourself with DDSopt). Also, unrelated to this, but STEP also has its own set of optimized textures. So if you are ever helping a STEP or SR:LE person on the LotD page, they should already have optimized vanilla textures (assuming they followed the guide right).

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Maybe my standards for immersion are a bit too strict, but I'm not a big fan of the Armor Progression Overhauls. In theory, I like how it adds some much needed diversity to Skyrim's sets of armor, but the new armors it adds just aren't very coherent with Skyrim's aesthetic. Zzjay's and jmenaru's stuff are pretty good, but rest is a really mixed bag IMO. Unfortunately, I don't know of an alternative to APO, but recently, I've been trying to assemble a number of unique-looking armors and weapons that better fit Skyrim.


It dips a bit too far into the skimpy side (and it's only for females as far as I can gather, but that's not different from APO), but The Book of UUNP Iron and Steel Vol 1 Bodyslide actually has a few really well-designed lore-friendly armors. Ideally, I could find more mods like this and Immersive Armors that lean more towards Skyrim's original aesthetic.


It's more clothing than armor, but Common Clothes adds a number of new clothing sets (which can often look pretty cool) that get distributed through the leveled lists.


I'm combining a bunch of other individual sets as well (I'll also hopefully figure out how to integrate them into the leveled lists for the ones aren't already), but that's not exactly something you can easily add to your modlist. I really wish there were more mods like Immersive Armors.


As for weapons though, I'd highly recommend Unique Uniques (and everything else Insanity does). I don't know why it's not standard in every mod list. It's a great looking, lore-friendly replacer mod for many of Skyrim's copy-pasted "unique" weapons. I have many others recommendations, but I don't want to impose too much. Regardless, thanks for all your hard work on your previous guide, and I wish you all the luck for making this new one.

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As for weapons though, I'd highly recommend Unique Uniques (and everything else Insanity does)


Legacy incorporates some of Insanity's work in it, and supports a lot of it, so you'll be happy with that. ::): 

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Have been running a Legacy build for awhile that has a SRLE Extended as its base and I feel that most of the mods synergize really well. 


Extra player housing mods could probably be dropped. The Safe House provides pretty much anything you could want in that department.


Some possible additions that add more content to Legacy:


Aetherium Armor and Weapons
Konahrik's Accoutrements
Skyrim Unique Treasures
Wheels of Lull
Immersive Weapons
Heavy Armory
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my current plan is this we keep:

the combat mods

the NPC Retexture mods

the Land, Creature, Items, Weapons retexture mods

We will keep some of the new world mods

we Keep Interesting NPCs


We will loose jaggarsfeld (Sorry Tech)

We will loose some (but not all) of the weapons and armor mods

we may loose some of the expanded quest namely (CWO since that is fiddly)

We may loose EMD and DCO (Undecided)

We will loose all Moonpath stuff as it already included.


I may switch RoTE to Advanced Adversary Encounters.

and may switch to MUS - Morrowloot Ultimate Simplified https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76753/?


Might need to careful with string count on this i will look at the new save tool with the restringer thing.

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There are a ton of mods integrated in Legacy, but there are also a bunch that are "supported". The supported mods all add items you can display in the museum from what I understand. Otherwise you may be missing a lot of the museum content.


Not 100%, as I never got around to trying to integrate Legacy in my load order, but something to take a look at, Darth.

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