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Replacement for Complete Crafting Overhaul?

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Sorry I wasn't able to find the relevant discussion' date=' but what is the reasoning behind choosing Ars Metallica over Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade and Updated?[/quote']

This discussion is talking about the old version of CCO, not the remade and updated version by Krypt

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And we never did a comparison of new one vs Ars Metallica. IIRC, Krypto's new CCO is not finished yet and for now is an optional of WAF. She would need to confirm though. Maybe when it's finished, we lights oughta compare it to Ars Metallica, but this is not the thread for this.


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Nope, my CCO isn't to the point I'm willing to call it finished (I may be taking "Complete" a bit literally, but I want to see the Complete Crafting Overhaul truly live up to its name). However, I think the current options probably do a pretty thorough job of replacing the functionality of headbomb's CCO. Most of the features I still want to add are things that weren't included by headbomb and/or are being added to enhance the consistency and compatibility between CCO and several other popular mods. There are also several changes that are included as default now (like the name changes I made to several of the materials) that will likely be made optional in the final release.

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