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How exactly do we use Crash Fixes?

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I've gotten two CTDs now on the overworld and I'm starting to smell that maybe something is rotten in the state of denmark. It *should* be fine, everything was done to a T. No mods unistalled or even the L.O changed.


Is it possible to use crash fixes to see what the problem is?


I have UseOSAllocators=1 but that's it. I'm still not sure of how I'm supposed to use it exactly

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do you by any chance also have SKSE Plugin Preloader https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725/? if not you need that for UseOSAllocators=1 to work properly. to install download and put d3dx9_42.dll in your root Skyrim directory (where TESV.exe is), NOT in data folder!


Yeah I got that in there, I'm pretty sure it's doing it's thing as one of my CTDs poped up a message in the background. This was more of a 'freeze' though. The two CTDs I'm mainly worried about were just random ones running around the overworld.


This time I have everything nailed down tight, I was hoping that crash fixes might have something for me. I download the BETA of crash fixes and have my minidumps set on so I'll see if it gives anymore info tonight over some good auld stabby fun

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Yeah, I found those last two nifs in Immerisve Armours as Whetstone metioned. Could just be a simple case of it being corrupted when installing cause I was download/installing ALOT at the same time.


I'll re-download/reinstall and see how it looks.


That said it didn't crash at all last night, and it those two nifs are in the log it means they were successfully loaded (right?? it's what came next that crashed the game. Well fingers crossed this works so

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I think you've found something here. I recently saw this NifHealer tool on the Nexus and decided to use it to go through all the 'bigger' mods. According to its description, this is what it fixes: 


This tool allow you to auto-check indexes of the NIF blocks: [NiNode], [BSFadeNode] и [NiTriShape] which are used to point to a name of this block.
If such index will be out of range of array of names in the Header of the NIF file, you will get CTD in game or Creation Kit.
These issues are rare but incredibly hard to find. 
This tool searchs for this issue and fix it by giving a new name and index to the corrupted block.
Also it will add a new name to a [NiTriShape] block if there was no name before (to prevent issues with such NIF file in Creation Kit).

These issues with indexes appears when you copy blocks with Nifskope from one NIF file to another with different quantity of strings in Header.



To use it, you need to copy the meshes of interest to its 'In' folder, so I couldn't be bothered to do this with ALL of my mods. Anyway, one of the mods that I did check was Immersive Armors. If the tool finds something, it puts the fixed version in the 'Out' folder. After using it on Immersive Armor's  meshes this folder contained meshes from two armor sets: the 'seadog' armor and the 'Battlemage' armor. The tool isn't perfect however and didn't seem to be able to load some of the 'seadog' armor meshes, so those files got corrupted (their size is 0 kb..), also indicated by a couple of errors the program threw during the process. After reading the comments, this seems to be a limitation of the program rather than those particular .nif files being faulty.


BUT, and here it comes, it did seem to have placed a fixed version of meshes/armor/1stpersondwarvengauntletsf_0_new.nif in the output folder. Which is exactly the last loaded .nif file you mentioned.


I've put all fixed nif files in their own folder and installed them as a mod in MO, letting them overwrite all original mods. I haven't yet seen this crash, but that could be merely coincidence. I should probably try and load up my game, find the armor set that mesh is used for and see if I crash.

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Holy hell that does seem like a freaky coincidence eh?


I managed to get passed the point it was CTDing. It's interesting because a mage on the road had the battle armour... Just minus the gloves and boots :). And as a side note of anyways using I.A even though I've seen the Hood and chest piece I've never seen the gloves or boots...


I reinstalled/redownloaded I.A so I'll see if it happens again. Hell I might even try and fix the .nif as you mentioned when I get back tonight.


I'll say it to the mod author too. He/she might be interested and two separate people have (maybe) had CTDs on the same .nif.


Great find mate, thanks

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Okay, I can't seem to be able to edit my last post, but while it placed 1stpersondwarvengauntletsf_0_new.nif, the original version is of course 1stpersondwarvengauntletsf_0.nif. If you want the fixed versions to overwrite your meshes in MO you need to rename them, removing the _new part from every mesh in the Out folder.



Anyway, to test if NifHealer's fixes indeed stop crashes induced by these particular kind of faulty nifs, I first decided to reproduce the crash by disabling my NifHealer folder, so all the original meshes loaded. I used " help "dwarven mage" " in the console, then added every version of the Dwarven Mage Gauntlets to my inventory by "player.additem <formid> 1". I then changed my main character to a female (1stpersondwarvengauntletsf_0.nif), went into first person and wanted to equip each version, but crashed already in the inventory while hovering over the 'Dwarven Mage Light Gauntlets'. A messagebox from Crash Fixes popped up, but I couldn't view it and had to close Skyrim using the Task Manager. After that I confirmed that it is indeed limited to the female model.


Finally I enabled the NifHealer folder that contains the fixed version of 1stpersondwarvengauntletsf.nif, verified that it is indeed overwriting the mesh from Immersive Armors and started up the game again. I added all three versions of Dwarven Mage Gauntlets to my inventory and equipped them in first and third person. No crash happened with the male nor female model.


Conclusion! Faulty meshes of the kind described in the discription of NifHealer do exist, can directly lead to crashes and this tool can fix them. The only hard evidence I can't provide are screenshots of the Crash Fixes popup, because I can't view them and shutting down the game also makes them disappear.



Now I think it would be interesting to identify these faulty meshes in different mods, especially if these mods are included in SR:LE (Extended). As I mentioned, I have used the tool to 'heal' some more meshes, but haven't yet verified if any of the unfixed ones directly lead to crashes apart from the one in this post.


But I'll list the ones that I put through NifHealer:


Mods that are included in SR:LE (note: I didn't check EVERY mod in SR:LE)



Faulty meshes that directly lead to crashes and are fixed by NifHealer


Immersive Armors:




Meshes detected and fixed by NifHealer, but not proven to directly lead to crashes and if the fixed versions stop these crashes from happening


Skyrim Immersive Creatures:



Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade:





Vivid Landscapes - All in One (I'm thinking these might be false positives):











Mods not included in SR:LE



Faulty meshes that directly lead to crashes and are fixed by NifHealer


None yet



Meshes detected and fixed by NifHealer, but not proven to directly lead to crashes and if the fixed versions stop these crashes from happening


The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal:






Beyond Reach:



Immersive College of Winterhold:

/meshes/cwi/ssramrod/upper cabinet/glass_cabnet-empty.nif


Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim



Summerset Isle



/meshes/summersetisle/ssiloadscreens/loadscreendaedrictable.nif (another load screen? Seems weird to me. False positive?)


Dragonborn Barbarion Armor - Male Edition:








Sorry for the long post :blush:

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So I just ran the tool you mentioned on the Battlearmour section of Immersive Armours. Exactly what Crashes Fixes pointed at and what you had too '1stpersondwarvengauntletsf_0_new.nif' had a borked .nif (don't worry I'll remove that 'new'  :P)


I'll let the author of I.A know that there might be an issue at his side.


For the record I re-download/reinstalled I.A and this error was still in there. Only nif healer got rid of it. I'll spam in a bunch of battlemage armour tonight and try and break it like yourself.


If you got this down man.. I'll give you a giant virtual kiss  :P

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