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  1. Yup, that fixed it. Thanks Jenny!
  2. Hi all, I've been having some issues with the lighting in places which are outside but not in the main game world (e.g. the outside regions in Camp McCarren or the Crimson Caravan compound). The lighting is way too bright. I'm not sure which mod is doing it. Has anyone else run across this before? I suspect it is applying an extra filter from somewhere when it shouldn't. Sometimes when I load into the cell the lighting is fun, then the filter loads and everything is to bright. Are there any types of mods that would do something like that? Thanks
  3. syw651

    Pine Tree Textures

    Hi, it's me again. So I finally made it to Whiterun from Riverwood (yeah, I know, it took me a while. Check out my other posts, you'll quickly realise I'm really bad at this game :P) Anyway, I noticed the trees around this area aren't nearly as pretty as the trees around Riverwood. I think these trees are Pine trees (my dendrology skills are about on par with my gaming ability, so I'm basing this off a Google image search). My question is, which mod are we getting the pine tree textures/meshes from for SR:LE Extended? I checked the guide and I saw there are a few references to pines, but mostly not to install certain things associated with them. Following the trail backwards, I got to Flora Overhaul as the mod that governs pine trees but my trees look the same when I disable/enable Flora Overhaul. Additional note, I had disabled Flora Overhaul at some point in the past to boost my FPS but I decided to roll back that change. I have redone the bashed patch/DynDOLOD/etc. process afterwards so I think it should be fine but maybe that could be part of my problem.
  4. Went back to square 1. It was quicker this time around due to the experience from the first time and the fact that I didn't need to download anything. Doesn't seem to crash at that point anymore! No follow-up is required for this post, I'm just super happy right now and I wanted to share that happiness!
  5. I did some more testing to see if I could work out what was happening. I couldn't get crash fixes to give an error message (or even Papyrus to log anything) after that particular crash but I don't think it's a nif issue anymore. I say that because I brute forced my way through it by running each mod folder I have through the nifhealer and none of them came back with any issues. Originally, I had thought it was a nif issue and the crash happened when I entered a new cell and the game tried to load something broken. But knowing it wasn't that, I went back to see what would happen if I entered that cell from a different direction. So I circled around the point where the crash occurs, no crash. Then I tried walking through the point from the other direction, no crash! It only crashes when I walk downhill along the road from riverwood to whiterun. I am more confused than when I started, but I'm also keen to actually start playing the game proper so I think I'll just chalk this up to some mysterious mystery of the unknown and just play the game.
  6. Thanks for doing all that Darth_mathis. Sorry for the hassle...
  7. Paul666root: It happens as I'm walking down the winding path between riverwood and whiterun. Uncleseano: I can't alt+tab or alt+f4. When I ctrl+alt+del, it takes me to the blue screen but nothing responds on that screen either (mouse never pops up and keyboard doesn't work) except for another ctrl+alt+del.
  8. I'm having a similar issue as the OP, with the game crashing in the same spot every time. I've tried to use Crash Fixes to locate where the issue is but I've run into a problem. My game never CTDs. It just freezes and nothing responds except for a reset. When that happens, no Crash Fixes messages come up and I don't know where to look for the files causing the crash. I've tried using Papyrus to log the issue but it doesn't seem to be writing anything to the log either.
  9. Thanks for the quick answers! If the wolves running away if working as intended, this might be the appropriate place to flag an exploit of sorts that occurs between Ordinators and SkyTEST. When the wolves run away from fire, they still count as being in combat. Meanwhile, the first light armour perk for Ordinators gives passive light armour experience when you are "in combat". Early on, whenever I encounter a wolf that runs away I gain about half a levels worth of light armour before combat finishes without even having to fight. It stops being significant once light armour hits about level 20 as it's really not that much experience but I got a few free levels out of it. Edit: While I'm on a roll with asking small, general questions I noticed Wildcat was recently added to the list. Both Wildcat and Vigor have staggers; should one of the staggers be disabled via MCM to avoid making combat too hard? (Alternatively, I'm just bad at the game and I should get better)
  10. It's me again with my third post this week, sorry for all the questions. I've recently set up SRLE extended and I have so many little questions that I want to ask and I'm not sure where else I can go to get them answered. 1) I'm a male character but when I go crafting I can see/make/wear armor sets that were labelled female only. For example, I can craft and wear Eldrids armour (which is labelled EC in my crafting menu. I only realized what it was when I put on the "cuirass" and realized this was not the look I was going for). Is this normal? If yes, is there any way to disable seeing items made for females using MCM? 2) Armor of Intrigue items are worth far more than seems right. While regular pouches that give the same amount of carry weight are worth 2 septims and a crust of stale bread, AoI items are worth 4000 septims even though they are made with the same items. Is this working as intended?! Should I run AoI through an updated masters process with scarcity/morrowloot like we were taught to do with scarcity and the bashed thread? I'm too afraid to try as I'm worried it will crash everything forever! 3) Wolves run away from me. At first, I thought it was a feature as a single wolf pup wouldn't be able to kill me so the AI thought tactically and retreated. But now I'm seeing 3 full grown wolves just run away without any form of strategy, so that makes me think maybe this isn't a feature? 4) Items sheathed onto my back clip through my cloak. Reinstalling cloaks of Skyrim and Winter is coming doesn't seem to do anything. I'm not sure which mod/patch I'm supposed to be looking at to fix this. Thanks for putting up with me and my trivial questions.
  11. During the process of setting up SRLE, there were a lot of times where it says "only install ABC" or "don't install XYZ". I use Mod Organizer and there was never a point where it let me choose which files to install and which ones not to, it just installed everything. So I would follow the instructions to not install XYZ by going into the file tree afterwards and hiding the files that don't need to be installed. My question isn't really to do with any problem I found with my setup of SRLE as everything runs fine now (Thanks to everyone in the support forum!). I'm just really really curious and I don't know where else to ask this. How is an MOhidden file different from a file that was never installed? How was I supposed to not install those files in the first place as MO never gave me that option?
  12. DragonKing: I did as you suggested and it seemed to help. When most of the textures were disabled, it took literally 2 seconds to get to the black screen and it slowly crept up to 50 seconds as I added everything back in. This is already considerably better than what I had before (2 minutes) even though I have no idea what changed. It's a good sign though, as it suggests the previous issue was due to some fixable error or my part. (Why am I so happy to find out I am actually incompetent? Is this what modding does to a guy?! :D) The black screen took 50 seconds to load regardless, which is pretty similar to the time I was getting before. So that loading time seems to be independent of texture mods. I thought it might have something to do with loading large .esps, so I disabled everything but the black screen still took 50 seconds. Does anyone know what is happening during this time and how to bring this time down? Finally, the time between logo and menu showing up went from 0 seconds to 15 seconds. I assume this was the ENB needing to load more things with more textures.
  13. DMCbr: I think my drivers/bios are up to date. Which software should I be checking to make sure they are up to date? If you don't mind me asking, do you use SRLE or SRLE Extended? It seems like the number of mods matter (I'm assuming that because two people asked me that in this thread).
  14. Reddvilzz: That ENB thread fixed the CTD for me, thanks! Paul666root: Regarding the number of mods, I've tried to keep as close as possible to SRLE Extended so I have a pretty similar number to you. That's 450+ mods and ~210 plugins. Is the loading time mostly tied to your RAM, storage or CPU? Cause I'm looking at your system specs and I have the same storage type and amount of RAM so maybe it makes sense we have similar load times? I'm not familiar with CPUs so I'm not sure where my CPU measures up against a FX-8120 though. Side note: I think that system specs thing is a pretty cool idea. It lets you get a better feel for how close the numbers should be based off how close their specs are to your own.
  15. Nebulous: Thanks. Good to know there's nothing wrong there. Reddvilzz: That doesn't sound so good. I've only had this PC for 5 months, so I hope I haven't done anything during that short period that could cause lasting harm... I don't have much bloat in general and I'm loading from an SSD that only has windows/Dota/Skyrim installed so I think that part should be okay. (Side note: I don't really have much expertise with computers, so that's the kind of thing that I think of when I hear tune up. Maybe you mean it in a more technical way that I'm completely missing?) I'm also not entirely sure what you mean by SKSE starting. Maybe a bit of background on what's happening on my end would help clarify things. I timed how long each step of the loading took in the hopes that it will help: -When I run SKSE in MO, SKSE pops up immediately and then disappears but MO is locked. However, it doesn't lock up my PC and I'm free to browse the web/open up word documents/etc. while this is happening. This period lasts for 2 minutes. Is this the step you consider SKSE starting? -Then the screen goes black and my cursor becomes a waiting icon. This period lasts for about 1 minute. I've always thought of this period as the mods loading up. No real evidence, it's just how I've always thought of it. -The imperial logo and the ENB information appear on screen, but continue/new/load/etc. don't appear for another 30 seconds. Intuitively, I'd guess that this part where the ENB presets are being loaded, but I only use ENBoost (I don't like the art style of Vividian) so it doesn't really make sense why this should take so long. Turning on Vividian ENB doesn't change this time either. -Unfortunately I don't know when this issue started as I read somewhere that each time you add a bunch of new mods the first load will take longer. I had assumed this was just that first load delay and so I didn't think it was important enough to make a mental note of when it started. Anyway, thanks for the help so far. Hopefully this will just be another common bug that doesn't point to any deeper issues. UPDATE: In my original post, I said that the game itself runs fine. That's possibly no longer true as I've had my first CTD. I suspect it's a Block Heap issue, as I tried to prevent future CTD by increasing the Default Heap but when I made the change it causes a CTD every time I get to step 3 of the loading process I mentioned above. I'm not sure if it's bad manners to start a new thread for that or if it has any connection to this issue, so I'm adding it here in the hopes that any bit of extra information will help work out what's going on.
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