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Conflict resolution help with xx mods



Hi all, I'm working on creating a conflict resolution patch, but I cant use the premade one because I don't use mature skin (I prefer demoniac).  I've gotten the hang of doing the patch, but where I'm struggling is finding entries like  

XX00130A SteelCuirassAAWhite_AMB


as well as 




Block 4 > Sub-Block 3 > XX01076A CCO_ParentMarkers > Persistent > XX2637C2 CloaksParentMarker


a search of the ID turns up nothing, and I'm unsure where and how to find these values for editing.  Could someone please help me find these values? What should I input in Form ID?  Any help people could offer for this great guide on conflict resolutions would be great, thank you!


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Oh, thank you very much! So if I put 02 or 03 in front of the value I should get a hit?  Thanks so much this was driving me batty and I SEE now, the xx is the mod index number oh jeez I cant believe I didnt understand that at first, I feel so silly now, thank you again!

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