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SRLE Extended DDSOpt Optimization

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It is useful to do but I don't think it is critical. The usefulness depends in part on whether you want to get some VRAM reduction by reducing some of the texture sizes, particularly the normal maps for exterior textures. The procedure can be the one in the SR:LE guide or the one in the DDSopt Quick Start guide; the Quick Start procedure allows more selectivity in selecting which texture types are reduced in size or use a different format but it involves more steps.

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Hmm thanks for the reply Kelmych!


Do you have any suggestion for a balanced resoulution limit?For both performance and quality.I mean i like quality just like everyone but as an example : using 4k textures in 1920x1080 resoulution being useless.


Well i was thinking that i would optimize mods that cover BIG places like falskaar.Hmm since helgen is not that big...hmm i don't know lol.Do you also have a suggestion for which popular BIG mods that would be beneficial to optimize?Wyrmstooth for example?

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