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  1. I have Deadly Dragons and DCO. The dragons fix themselves after a minute or so. Its actually kind of funny to watch. And I can assure you my load order is fine.
  2. I am unsure. Everything was working perfectly fine. This save has around 40 hours on it, this didnt start happening until recently. Resetting timescale to 20 didnt help.
  3. I doubt that is it. This is happening Everywhere. Not just a few cells. And the fact that Everything else loads in just fine, plus the fact that I can increase my uGrids to 9 with no trouble, and max out my fade distance for everything and still load them all up just fine EXCEPT for Terrain to me means something has gone wrong.
  4. I have not touched any of my settings in quit awhile. This all happened recently and for no apparent reason. I do have my timescale set to 1, I'll try resetting it to 20, see what that does for me.
  5. Ive googled around and most people say "use SDO"...well I am...and everything WAS ok. For days now ive been playing just fine with no texture related problems. Now suddenly the Ground/Snow/Water textures dont load in until Im either right ontop of it, or a few feet after Im already in the cell. Everything else is loading just fine from a distance. Trees, rocks, grass, shrubs, objects, actors, etc, are all loading up wayyyy before the ground does. I tried Reinstalling a fresh copy of SDO, rerun LOOT and BASH PATCH, still pops in. How do I fix this?
  6. ^ I have no idea what your talking about anymore. just google Skyrim Nvidia SLI Water Flickering.
  7. I actually want an FF style sword XD. I have the FF style Eizen plate armor and need a sword to match. lol
  8. ^ what he said. I messed up. Also what he said, its sometimes hard to find these answers from google. So I usually google for an hour or so, if I dont find the answer, I come here, then go back to googling. Sometimes I find it before anyone responds to my post. XD
  9. nope. its an issue with reflections in correlation to Movement. if you have nvidia SLI (which I do) and you have all the water reflections turned on, and then move your camera around near the water, you will immediately see the bug. Its kind of like the reflections are twitching or something. The only known fix is to go into the nvidia control panel and set SLI mode to FORCE ALTERNATE FRAME RENDERING 2. This however will reduce your fps by about 20-30, which is too big of a hit for me so I just turn off reflections. Also the water ripple bug is there.
  10. yours works? I use AFT and my nausica tweaker does basically nothing.
  11. nausica's tweaker....yah...that thing...is a hunk of junk. Not to mention it isnt compatible with other follower mods, and almost all other follower mods are better than it. -edit- Just tested Multiple Floors. Told my followers to Relax in Breezehome, some went upstairs and sat down. I never actually noticed before that they wouldnt go upstairs unless I did first.
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