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  1. Thanks for the reply again darth and i must say it is by far the best assassin armor i have seen.(and yes my character is a male assassin.)
  2. Hello everyone i searched this topic but i couldn't find it so : Arise - Black Sacrament Armor Is there any specific reason why noone mentioned this?
  3. If you know which mod you should consider to be the 'winner' in conflict then do that.But since you are a beginner then yes you should follow Neo's guide and skip the ones you don't have.However if you are going to install mods that are not included in the guides then you might need to do your own CR for those mods(if it is necessary that is). From my understanding the main reason for conflict resoulution is to fix the CTD's that you might have because of some missing parameters in multiple mods that are conflicting with each other.The other reason is : Lets say there is a 'Huge mod' that changes/adds many aspects to the game.However there is also a 'Big mod' that might change some of the same aspects of the game as well and when you activate both of them it is only natural that they will conflict with each other and when you put the one you want to win later in your load order that means it will overwrite the aspects of the early mod but only the same aspects that they are both editing.As an example it could be a chair texture and lets say you actually like the texture in your early mod in your load order better than the late one, however you cant change the load order because of some other reason then thats when conflict resoulution comes in handy.This means that you can actually 'choose' the things that the early mod should win in tes5edit even if it is very early in your load order. Keep in my mind that i am very much a newbie and these might not be %100 true and i would appreciate someone more knowladgable to confirm this.
  4. I agree with Nebulous, since i myself am not using most of Neo's,Darth's mods making your own CR is better than creating fakes, because not only do i not use all of them i also add the mods that i want but not included in any guides.You should btw look in every detail of every mod you are going to install especially in guides because not all mods or fixes are actually necessary.As an example from darth's guide is : NPC Retextures Merged SRLE Extended : Because it has many required masters that i don't use myself,in some cases it actually takes more time to create dummy esps then to do your own CR. You also shouldn't follow the guides blindly if you intend to not follow it %100.If there is note under a mod such as the example above 'Post installation: Remove the original esp as this has been merged.' If you do that when you are not going to install the NPC Retextures Merged SRLE Extended , you will actually need those esp's to create your own merge and CR after that. Another obvious thing you should know is to understand the compatibity patches since you might actually won't use the mod that the patch requires(simply because you may have not gotten to that part in the guide yet and didn't check what the mod does/ if you want it or not) and therefor it will become a missing master in your MO and might confuse you later on. I should also say to read the mod's page for details just in case because it might surprise you in what you could find there(a future CTD that you might have been able to fix if you read it) Last tip i myself(newbie) can give you is to make a list of the mods you want and yes i mean a full list because when you are installing a mod, it might have a compatiblity patch for another mod you are going to install but do not know of it yet.(This one was actually the most painful part for me)
  5. @DarkladyLexy oh yeah i forgot about that but i watched it as well, thanks again. @Nebulous112 that is very useful thanks man!
  6. Thanks again darth!I wish i was able to help you guys with some of these stuff to ease the burden. Something i've been meaning to ask is about CR creation and i've been thinking of skipping both SRLE/SRLE Extended and doing my own from the beginning and learn in the process however im curious if you guys know about other good guides besides these ones : https://tr.scribd.com/doc/235574282/Guide-to-Make-a-Patch-for-Solving-Conflicts
  7. Will do darth, thanks for the reply and sorry about your SSD.
  8. Hmm will check their forums but i still won't buy it till i see the final version sorry :D
  9. Man im still worried though, believe me when i say i really want this game to succeed.Because Freelancer was the all time best game i ever played.I mean it.For me no other game gave me such excitement both offline and online.The friends i gained there were the best people i have ever met online.Hell my clan leader basicly bought me a 100 dolar worth cruiser, real money and at that time(i was in high school) it simply shocked me. I really don't mind the graphics(I love minecraft so you can guess)but i am worried about the combat system.Will this game give me the fluent non stop thrill of the dog fights freelancer gave me?Can i get in to epic multiplayer battles that at least 100 people come together online and you can't see anything because of all lazers and mines and missles going about?After the battle can i get around with my friends and celebrate our victory/defeat together?Will i remember it after many years later when i teach my son/daughter about games and will it bring a smile on my face?Those are the questions that i desperatly need an answer for.
  10. Honestly thinking about star citizen is giving me chills lately.Chills of fear because it became too ambitious and actually got more money then it needed.Im a pessimistic person and it suits me fine with not getting dissappointed.They better release the full game soon otherwise they might need an overhaul with the graphical technology getting bigger more and more each day.
  11. Guys NARC has been updated a bit and got me a bit confused : There is no consistency patch for skytest anymore but i think it got merged within the main file called NARC -Skytest So how should i go with this? Use NARC - Skytest as a core and get the consistency patch for the other 4?
  12. Well i haven't encountered anything about this in here but for those who might be interested : Freelancer is still alive and well with : https://www.discoverygc.com/ I haven't seen it's server going down 50 players but i have to warn for those that do not know : It is hard-core roleplaying server so you have to roleplay otherwise you will get banned.
  13. Thank you for the welcome Jeremy.
  14. The conflict resolution should be very helpful for me, thanks for all the hard work Ron! Edit : This is just my opinion but i think if you name each videos with what you cover in that video specificly would be helpful to everyone and to you to get more likes and subscribes.For example: Episode 53 : Skyrim conflict resoulution guide after '....' setup I know that you put them in the description but for those who do not know about it ,it would be easier for them to click your videos.
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