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DynDOLOD cannot create file,system cannot find specified path



Hello to you all,


I just started modding my skyrim and used step: extended to the letter.

The game worked perfectly when i tested it till i installed the last one : DynDOLOD

When i first tried going in a new game (after LOOT of course) it made me wait for 10 minutes in loading screen and crashed to desktop.

I uninstalled DynDOLOD in mod organizer and deleted the directories and downloaded again to try it again if i missed anything.

After that when i was creating the worlds in Xedit i got this message :


Cannot create file "D:\Skyrim\aaa\skse\plugins\StorageUtilData\DynDOLOD_Blackreach_Objects.json". Sistem belirtilen yolu bulamıyor.(System cannot find specified path , its in turkish)
BTW aaa is just the folder i created as it specified to use diffrent folder in step.
So i searched in the net and i couldn't find anything that looked like this.Oh and i should say that i also unticked birds and flocks from the left pannel in mod organizer and i have the legendary edition.
Please help?(The attached file is the bug report)
Edit: Sorry forgot to attach the file


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Thanks for the reply Zilav!


I already made sure every exe in my skyrim setup is run as administrator(maybe it's a bad thing to do considering i saw some posts saying you shouldn't have) and unfortunatly no other application is running it...honestly it might be some very simple and stupid thing im missing but after 3 days of step im at a dead end and i want to finally be able to have a step experience for the first time myself...


Edit : I should also mention that when i checked the aaa document it didn't even created the SKSE folder within maybe there is something in to that? and considering how i installed it the first time without errors but CTD after new game laucnh screen is making me really confused.

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Thanks again for the reply Zilav.


Yeah i already tried that and it worked for that file but afterwards it gave me another error so i decided to delete dyndolod all over again but this time i uninstalled xedit as well and resintalled all of them.

Right now it looks like it works just fine however i have my doubts that even if it will install and show no errors when i start a new game it will CTD after ten minutes as well.

Do you know anything about this that can help me?

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