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Instinctive Exploration


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This one's for all the realism/immersion lovers... 

Gopher just posted a Mod Sanctuary with this mod as a spotlight.


Instinctive Exploration

Some of its finer points are allowing you to look at the sun, press a button, then learn what the time is without having to open the in-game menu. It adds a requirement to buy a map so that you can use the in game map and adds an equipable map that you can view.

This is combined with frostfall when it's finally out of beta will be exciting.

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It looks good, however I am not convinved to this:


To be able to fast travel, you'll have to have at least one map. You won't be able to open the map menu without it, and each time you open this menu, one map will be removed from your inventory.

I don't usually fast travel, until I really have to, but why is a map "consumed" each time I open map menu? How is that realistic? The maps seems to disposable or what?

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