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ENB .119 vs .123 Performance Question? - [SOLVED]



So I have recently found out that a newer version of ENB .123 was just released to the public.


My question is, Has anyone tried out the new version and what is the performance that you are getting compared to .119?


Did he indeed optimize the new enb to get better performance or is the fps the same compared to the current version.


Any help will be greatly appreciated/

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I've been using .123 for about a week and it does feel a bit optimized. I have about 5-10 fps more with ssao enabled depending on the scene. However it did make the indoors look brighter for me, making me move to the classic version of RCRN to compensate. Otherwise it is a little more optimized than .119, but not a whole lot.

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Your best bet is to really try it for yourself.



Everyone's talking about improved performance but I guess I'm not "in" on the secret because it sucks for me




TL;DR: I lost between 6 and 15 fps.

I agree. Try it for yourself and use FRAPS if you need an external FPS application (most ENBs work with the included FPS tools, it's the * key on the number pad in most but can be changed in the enbseries.ini file). Just replace the d3d9.dll from v.119 with the one from v.123 and give it a spin. It's that simple. If you don't like it just put the v.119 back in place.


I'm using RCRN and SkyRealism and personally, I haven't noticed much difference in the two. Maybe a very, very slight change in colors (nothing bad). However, I don't use SSAO or DOF and always change the Bloom Quality from 0 to 1 if I use it.

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Just wanted to update on this topic.


By now, I am pretty sure that many of you guys know that the new version of the enb .121212 was recently released.


After doing some extensive testing throughout different environments in Skyrim,

I can now verify that there is indeed a performance boost on the new version.

The SSAO effect has also been redone and has shown a noticeable increase on performance wise.

Another great feature that is included in this new update is that this is one of the most stable releases in a long time.


I have not found a single bug that I have seen in previous versions (such as the shadow bug) and the shadows actually look a little better.


In another note, I have talked to the author of SKyrealism and he is currently working on a new release for enb .121212


and has also noted that if anyone wants to try the new version, just change these parts in the enbseries.ini (however the ssao will not work as intended as it was redone, as a result people using SSAO with this tweak will not see the current version of the author SSAO tweak in enb .121212)






















Hope this information has helped you guys

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I have been using 12.12.12 since Boris released it and it is definitely my favorite version thus far. Performance is much better and SSAO is gorgeous. Of course there is still an fps hit but not nearly as much as older versions. Also depends on your specs and enbseries.ini settings as far as your performance goes, but I recommend everyone to give this one a try. A lot of optimization work has gone into this. Man, I love Boris! Ahem, in a manly way of course. ;p

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