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Bad perfomance in certain locations

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Hy, iam just curious if you guys have the same problem with those locations and if you have fixed it anyhow.


Outside most of the time i get my 50-60 fps wich i happy with, but in those locations below i get like 22 -30 fps wich rly bugs me.


Nipton, Repcon Facility, NCR Correctional Facility and i bet there are a couple more places.


I use Enb, however turning it off gave me like 1- 2 fps improvment.


I played around several hours with ini files and the stutter remover and wasn't able to fix it myself.


I think my rig should be capable with the game and mod system requirements:


Operating system: 64 bit win 7 proffesional

CPU: AMD FX-4100

8 Gb Ram 


Harddrive: 465GB Hitachi HDS721050CLA360 ATA Device 


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I too have some severe frame drops in locations where it doesn't make any sense.

I'm running 4790K, 16 GB RAM and a 980ti. I get 60 FPS almost everywhere except for a few odd places.

Repcon facility is one of these. Camp McCarren interior hits my performance really hard.

The worst frame drops however are in the New Vegas sewers. Can drop from 60 to 20 for no discernible reason.

Pretty disgusting considering the rig I have. These areas drastically need optimisation.

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