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Wrye Bash not showing up in MO executable list. Please HELP!! I want to play Skyrim!!



I just bought Skyrim and I was following the beginners guide for mods (on reddit's skyrimmods subreddit) and I'm at the Wrye Bash step. I'm at the step where I am trying to launch Wrye Bash in MO but it won't show up in my executables in MO. I add the the title "Wrye Bash' and add my binary path "C:\Steam Library 2\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Mopy\Wrye Bash.exe".

I click "add" and then close. It doesn't show up in my executable list. Please help me find a way to run Wrye Bash through MO. I can run it outside of MO. Is it absolutely necessary to run it only in MO?

Thanks for the responses.

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