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I read some where that several 'packs' are in the works that combine all mods into one executable. I was wondering what forum I should watch and what news there is on packs?

Not sure where you heard about executables, we don't have any plans to include mods with STEP since it'd require additional version management and getting permission from all the mod authors.  Packs are going to be extensions of STEP (installed in the same manner) that alter aspects of the game not strictly covered under the STEP Mantra of maintaining a Vanilla game, such as Hardcore/Realism, Combat, Perk Overhauls, Quests, etc.  At the moment nothing's set in stone and we haven't even begun to sort through potential additions for v2.3.  When we do start, we'll likely create sub-forums for individual pack discussion.  If you're looking for the "headlines" I'd pay attention to the Announcement and Releases threads, although I can't help but invite you to join our community and help contribute to the project by discussing and testing mods.


Hope this answers your question and welcome to the STEP forums :D

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