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Clean player home mod

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Skyrim GEMs has been adding A LOT of player homes over the last couple of days. A lot. O_O


Here's a few they've added (with Skyrim GEMs' description under link):


Dusks Cabin


A very small, cozy cabin near White run. Outdoor sky and weather visible from inside. Several crafting amenities.


Heimsgaror by Danthegeek (not what you're looking for, as it needs TES5edit cleaning, there's a post in the comments detailing how to fix the issues though)


A small, lore-friendly home with many amenities including a vegetable garden with chickens, an herb garden and a stable.


Hunters Treehouse (not really what you're looking for, but still cool)


A very small treehouse located between Whiterun and Riverwood. Some storage, one shelf of books, one weapon plaque and a weapon rack.


Thistle Cottage (Last updated in February though heh heh)


A small 1-room cottage SW of Riverwood. Follower friendly. Bookcase, Alchemists lab, Weapon rack, Weapon wall mounts, weapon display case. Activate the Wash Basin and receive Blessing of Cleanliness for 8 hours, which cures disease.


There's another, but it is plagued by navmesh issues apparently.


I got dangerously bored the other night and installed Leveler's Tower just for the arena. Man, that is a HUGE cheat, but daaaamn is that arena fun. If you use ASIS, it works with the Leveler's Tower's arena. Just, uh... be warned: Need a good machine, and even then you can still come close to melting it. Haha.


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Berts Breezehome remodeled - not lore friendly but very stable mod that has all the latest mod cons. Lots of fun etc.. Breeze home as is was always bugged slightly but this is the only mod that improves breezehome and that always seems to work out of the box so to speak.




Worth a look but would never in a million years be part of a STEP philosophy unless there is a just for fun addon pack of silly mods.


I am looking for lore friendly mods that improve existing player homes so if anyone knows of any stable mods that are happy campers in a modded skyrim then I would be pleased to know.

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Aaah, the Forgotten Windmill looks just like something I am looking for at the moment. Not too shiny, seems really well fitted into the environment and, since I have decided not to install UFO for this playthrough after all, will be just fine for only one follower.


Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

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