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HD Mountain flowers red blue purple (by Renthal311)


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This looks interesting.


According to the mod page:


"it is a replacement for vanilla mountain flowers, three colors, red, blue, purple, two sizes of textures, 2k and 1k (red mountain flower is lightly sprinkled with snow, and small leaves on the stems of all flowers), no, no, I went to the sitter, each color is assigned a different flower, - installation, NMM, replace"


Now, I don't pretend to understand a good chunk of that, but the flowers themselves look great in the screenshots, and I'm looking forward to seeing them in-game.



[Edit: Apparently, I don't know how to post pictures in any meaningful way, so I deleted the mess)

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Looked at this last night, and the primary problem is that he's using a leaf texture for the red mountain flowers. I missed it until it was mentioned, but it's one of those 'now I can't un-see it' things. The other two look decent, but unless we wanted to go piecemeal, I'm not planning on using this atm.

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The red mountain flower currently is broken and doesn't swap texture when you pick it, although he said he would be releasing a fix for it. The new texture also doesn't show in the inventory, which I offered to look into patching when I have the time as the author doesn't.


Great idea, but right now it has a few issues, and even then, not sure it would match STEPs goals very well.  I plan on doing further edits to my copy to reduce the amount of purple flowers and make the blue flowers smaller as right now they stick out from vanilla a little too much.

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I have problems reading Ren's posts, but if I get it all straight:


1) Reds have their own setup now. It was originally extremely bright, but has been toned down.


2) These flowers currently do not vanish when picked up. He did say he was working on it, but I see no indication as yet that this is fixed.


3) Similar to 2, the new flowers do not show up in the inventory screen as the new type. Again, he's working on it.


4) The Yellow mountain flowers from DG still aren't covered, though he's trying to figure out where they are so he can attack it.


So it's better than it was when first we saw it, but I think it's still not ready 'for the big leagues' as it were.

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