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More Camps and Shipwrecks


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More Camps and Shipwrecks



If you couldn't tell, I'm a nautical junky. :P


Skyrim's vanilla shipwrecks were another annoyance for me. Pretty much everywhere I would look for a shipwreck, nothing would be there. This mod sets out to change that. If it's a logical place for a shipwreck, there might be one there.


Definitely a worthwhile mod for those of us who like to adventure. And it's a worthwhile mod to those who don't feel the northern parts of Skyrim are worth the effort of exploring.


The additions aren't much, but it definitely fills a rather ridiculously huge void, considering all the potential areas that should have shipwrecks and don't.


And I consider the camps a nice bonus. :D


I don't use followers, but the navmesh bug issues that were plaguing us for a while were apparently fixed before the modder took a hiatus. Even with the modder gone, it's definitely a worthwhile mod.

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Yeah, I've been using it before, however I never actually properly tested it, as I had to reinstall the game. Not using in current playthrough. This one is purely for the main quest (never completed it before!), so I'm using minimal addition of mods and play as close to vanilla as possible :)


This mods definitely goes into my next playthrough.

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I've ran into two of the shipwrecks and two of the camps. I was afraid they would be OP (lots of shinies and such), but nope thank goodness. Ran into two of the camps. One is pretty bare-bones like an abandoned camp. Pretty cool find though, as I wasn't expecting it (was in an area I've been through several times without the mod installed).


So far they've been in areas that make sense and add a little flesh to otherwise completely barren regions, like stated. Being cheaty was one of my worries that thankfully isn't the case. It really is a little bit extra on top of the sparse amount we got in vanilla.

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