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Lore Friendly Names for Millenia's Weapons (by MonoAccipiter)


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LINK: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/61111


Made my first ever mod for Fallout New: Vegas. It's just a small plugin that renames most of the weapons from Weapons of the New Milennia to more "lore friendly" names (i.e. names that are more like how the vanilla game names their weapons). 


Transcluded from the Nexus description (written by me):



Millenia's new weapons are a great addition to Fallout: New Vegas and add so much to the game in terms of variety. Yet, I've always been slightly bothered by how he used the model names for all his weapons, while all of the vanilla weapons used more generic names, like "Colt Pocket 1849" as opposed to ".357 Revolver" (not the same weapon). So I went ahead and made a small mod that changes the name of all of his weapons to more "lore friendly" variants.


This mod requires Weapons of the New Millenia and all of the credit for the great new weapons goes to that mod, I just changed the names to fit in more with the game. There's a version for the normal mod, and for those using the Caliber-X patch. Just install it with your favorite mod manager and make sure to sort it after WotNM (and the Caliber-X patch if you're using that).




Mateba Model 6 Unica - Autorevolver

MP412 REX - Soviet .357 Magnum Revolver

TT Tokarev - Tokarev Pistol

Colt Pocket 1849 - Pocket Revolver

Mare's Leg - Mare's Leg

Homemade SMG "Borz" - Homemade Submachine Gun

UZI - Compact 9mm Submachine Gun

M14 - Marksman Rifle

M4A1 "Bushmaster" - .556 Assault Carbine

Pancor Jackhammer - Jackhammer Shotgun (see 1.4 changelog for explanation)


Throwing KA-BAR - Throwable KA-BAR

M37 Ithaca - Sheriff Shotgun

Remington 870 - Tactical Hunting Shotgun

H&K CAWS - Assault Shotgun

AK-47 - Kalashnikov (iconic name and pre-divergence)

AKS-74u - Bulgarian Assault Carbine (see 1.3 changelog for explanation)

Mauser C96 - Mauser Pistol

F-S Fighting Knife - Battle Knife

F-S Throwing Knife - Throwable Battle Knife

Taurus Raging Bull - Bull-Barreled Revolver

Taurus Raging Boner - Raging Bull

A Really Terrible Shotgun - A Really Terrible Shotgun (Faullout 3 reference)

Combat Shotgun - Action Shotgun (see 1.4 changelog for explanation)

Smith & Wesson Model 10 - Sheriff Revolver

AN-94 - Abakan Assault Rifle

VSS Vintorez - Spetsnaz Sniper Rifle

Duplet - Duplet

Boomstick - Boomstick

MBA Gyrojet - Gyrojet Pistol

MBA DIE!-rojet - Pocket Rocket

AEK-972 - Soviet Service Rifle (unsure about this name)

AK-74 - Bulgarian Assault Rifle

H&K USP - Small 10mm Pistol (.40 S&W Pistol in the Caliber-X version)

Makarov - Makarov Pistol

PPSh41 - Soviet 9mm Submachine Gun (Russian 7.62mm SMG in the Caliber-X version)

9A-91 - Soviet Militsiya Carbine

Colt M1911 - Army Pistol

Sten Mk II - Stengun (from the nickname)

AS "Val" - Shaftgun (from the codename)

L96A1 - PM-82 Sniper Rifle

Beretta 92FS - Beretta Pistol (unsure about this name)

H&K G3SG/1 - .308 Assault Rifle

Colt M4A1 - Navy Assault Carbine

TOZ-34 - Soviet Hunting Shotgun

KS-23 - Soviet Grenade Launcher

GSh-18 - Soviet 9mm Pistol

Steyr AUG A1 - Bullpup Assault Rifle

FN FNC - European Assault Rifle

PB-6P9 - Soviet Pocket Pistol

KS-23 12ga - Soviet Riot Shotgun

H&K G36K - European Assault Carbine



Author's Note:


I might do a version of the weapons not yet in WotNM if there's any interest for that. Let me know if you have any input on the names I've chosen.


This mod was made entirely in FNVEdit.




Millenia and his team for Weapons of the New Millenia. Though no assets of his were included here, the weapons which this mod changes were made and distributed by Millenia.

Version 1.41
Carried 1.4's changes over to weapon mods

Version 1.4
Renamed "Russian Revolver" (MP412 REX) to "Soviet .357 Magnum Revolver"
Renamed "Homemade SMG" (BORZ) to "Homemade Submachine Gun" to be consistent with the vanilla game
Renamed "Small 9mm SMG" (IMI UZI) to "Compact 9mm Submachine Gun" to be consistent with the vanilla game
Renamed ".556 Assault Rifle" (M4A1 "Bushmaster") to ".556 Assault Carbine" as it is a carbine...
Changed "Jackhammer" (Pancor Jackhammer) to "Jackhammer Shotgun", as a jackhammer is a tool
Renamed "Automatic Shotgun" (H&K CAWS) to "Assault Shotgun", the reason I'm not naming it "HK CAWS" (and this applies for the Jackhammer as well) is that I follow Project Nevada's precendence when it comes to weapon naming (e.g. the P90 from Fallout 2 becoming the 5mm Submachine Gun)
Renamed "Combat Shotgun" (not previously touched by this mod) to "Action Shotgun" in order to prevent confusion when using with Project Nevada (which adds a better combat shotgun to the game). Imagine it as a civilian version ;)
Renamed "Russian Assault Rifle" (AN-94) to "Abakan Assault Rifle" (from the project)
Renamed "Russian Sniper Rifle" to "Spetsnaz Sniper Rifle" (from the Soviet special forces)
Renamed "German Tactical Pistol" (H&K USP) to "Small 10mm Pistol" in the base version, and ".40 S&W Pistol" in the CaliberX version
Renamed "Russian Police Carbine" (9A-91) to "Soviet Militsiya Carbine" as Russia didn't adopt the western like "police" name until 2011, which is way past convergence
Renamed "Small 10mm Pistol"/"Small .45 Pistol" (Colt M1911) to "Army Pistol" (as per VikingofTamriel's suggestion)
Renamed "German Battle Rifle" (G3SG1) to ".308 Assault Rifle", as the Assault Rifle (R91) in Fallout 3 is based off of the G3 (but instead produced by Stent Security Solutions). I can't use Assault Rifle, as Project Nevada already uses that
Renamed "German Assault Rifle" (HK G36K) to "European Assault Carbine", following precedence set by Project Nevada (which is probably more lore friendly anyways, because of the European Commonwealth)
Renamed "Belgian Service Rifle" (FN FAL) to "European Assault Rifle", again taking precendence from Project Nevada which has a semi-automatic FAL firing .308 rounds
Renamed several instances of "Russian ..." to "Soviet ..."

Version 1.3
Changed "Black Combat Knife" (KA-BAR) back to "KA-BAR" (felt it's an iconic name and I also want to avoid modified versions of the same denominator, like Black (modifier) Combat Knife (denominator))
Changed "Black Throwing Knife" (Throwing KA-BAR) to "Throwable KA-BAR" in accordance with the changes above. 
Changed "Russian Assault Carbine" (9A-91) to "Russian Police Carbine" in accordance with how it's employed in reality. 
Changed "Chinese Assault Rifle" (AK-74) to "Bulgarian Assault Rifle" as I needed to solve how similar it was to the Kalashnikov without calling it a Chinese Version. There were apparantly several copies of the AK-74 made in Bulgaria, so it should be considered lore friendly. 
Changed "Chinese Assault Carbine" (AKS-74u) to "Bulgarian Assault Carbine", see reasoning above. 
Changed "Battle Shotgun" (Remington 870 Sawn-Off) to "Tactical Hunting Shotgun" as the vanilla hunting shotgun is (afaik) based off of the Remington 870 Classic. The inspiration came from Remington's model names. 

Version 1.21
Edited weapon mods for consistency with 1.2 changes (Sorry, forgot about this in 1.2) 
Added Bash Tags to the file header

Version 1.2
Renamed "Small Chinese Assault Rifle" (AKS-74u) to "Chinese Assault Carbine" 
Renamed "Mauser" (Mauser C96) to "Mauser Pistol" for consistency 
Renamed "Makarov" to "Makarov Pistol" for consistency 
Renamed "Small 10mm Pistol" (Colt M1911) to "Small .45 Pistol" in the Caliber-X version to be consistent with ammo type. 
Renamed "Russian 9mm SMG" (PPSh41) to "Russian 7.62mm SMG" in the Caliber-X version to be consistent with ammo type. 
Renamed "Pinpoint Sniper Rifle" (L96A1) to "PM-82 Sniper Rifle" to avoid confusing comparison with standard Sniper Rifle and for variety (PM stands for Precision Marksman and 82 for the year it entered service)

Version 1.1
Cleaned the plugins with FNVEdit
Edited by MonoAccipiter
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