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How to track down a specific TES5Edit error



Hi, not entirely sure if I should be asking this here, but I got this error and I've no idea what to do with it or even how to find what mod the item causing it is in:

Error: Container.ElementCount {13} > aChildCount {12} for CONT in MerchantWCollegeFaraldaChest "Chest" [CONT:00098BA1]
  #0: Record Header
  #1: EDID - Editor ID
  #2: OBND - Object Bounds
  #3: FULL - Name
  #4: Model
  #5: COCT - Count
  #6: Items
  #7: DATA - 
  #8: QNAM - Sound - Close
  #9: QNAM - Sound - Close
  #10: QNAM - Sound - Close
  #11: QNAM - Sound - Close
  #12: QNAM - Sound - Close
Any advice? I'm not sure where to even start :(
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In the left side of xEdit, there is a field to search by FormID.


Type the faulty formID in here (00098ba1 in your case)


It'll take you to this form. Check which plugin is overwriting it. Most likely one of them is doing funny things with it. You can either delete this record in the plugin, or fix it manually, depending on what look weird and what it seem to be used for, and what you can guess would result of your edits.


I can't say for sure, but I'd seem that the issue is that your chest have 5 fields for Closing sound. The vanilla one isn't supposed to have any. I guess it's one of those mod which make vendor's chest visible somewhere.

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