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On the Guide:ENB page it states:


'There is a helper library (enbhelper.dll) that allows edits to parameters for each specific weather in Skyrim. The helper is essentially an API that queries current weather information from Skyrim and applies variants of enbseries.ini parameters using external configuration INIs. These external configuration INIs will override conflicting parameters within the main enbseries.ini file for specific weathers. This allows configuration of, say, bloom settings to differ among different weather types. These weather variations can be very complex (one config per unique Skyrim weather) or very general (one configuration for only a small number of specific weather classes).'


However, the helper library link is to mod '36318 - ENB Reference' which does not contain the enbhelper.dll. I have the enbhelper installed. Is this mod just for manipulating the already installed enbhelper? Do I really need it?


If it is just for manipulating the ENBHelper then I would ask the information above be changed as it reads as if the link leads to the enbhelper.dll (or at least it does to me).

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