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Looking for real fix



Hey guys, ive been looking for a fix for Night Eye/Vampire's Sight/Beast Sight/Night vision effects that isnt the "remove the // before the #define APPLYGAMEPOSTPROCESSINGEFFCTS" or whatever the line is. This just makes the ENB useless.

Essentially, what im looking for is a plugin (or whatever) that would have ENB apply a similar effect using its own post processing (if thats even possible and not gibberish) when the spell is cast then remove it when the spell expires. I cant really walk around with a torch since that would kind of make the "sneak kill from right in front of you" style i play quite a bit less sneaky...

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Enhanced ENB Night Eye is trying to patch enbeffect.fx and after that it (with it's own ESP) can detect changes when activating night eye. Results may vary with different ENB presets. For example I couldn't set up it on HRK ENB and Aeon ENB.


Also some ENB presets have integrated support of this mod.


There is also a workaround: you just can assign switching night vision and ENB on/off to the same hotkey. For example in my game goggles from Dwemer Goggles and Scouter mod are switching on by pressing F1 and I also assigned the same hotkey in the enblocal.ini (KeyCombination=0 and KeyUseEffect=112). Of course it's dirty workaround and is suitable only for a limited number of similar mods.


Sorry for my English.

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