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A small but perhabs important detail in the ENBoost detailed Configuration Text.


Hi i made this account solely to point something out.

I stumbled upon something small that may throw off people.


On this part of the guide Link to the detiled ENBoost Configuration information

under Configure is the following:

The following are important changes that are either required or highly recommended by STEP. Advanced users see the detailed INI configuration settings for more information:




Again, this is nothing big.
But at that moment i was puzzled for a second, because i didn't know if you meant the Skyrim ini or the ENBlocal ini.
And i already have edited inis before.

Someone that is diving into this for the first time might get confused and start editing the Skyrim ini instead the ENBlocal ini.



Perhabs simply changing the first sentence to:

The following are important changes to the ENBlocal.ini that are either required or highly recommended by STEP.



This avoids any confusion. At least the kind of unsecure confusion of "am i doing this right?" and "i hope i am not breaking the game!" that i remember having when i first started modding via the Guide. :-)

Edited by Felixader

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