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Morrowind - Rise of The Nerevarine (working title Super Skooma Bros)

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Started a placeholder page on the Wiki for a Morrowind guide and page - https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Genius384/Morrowind_Guide


Recently I've been playing Morrowind again, messing around with OpenMW, and generally enjoying the wealth of mods and content for the game.


Anyway, I'm planning for the guide to be made up of a bunch of sub-sections, mainly:


  1. Vanilla Morrowind - a short guide for getting a stable game running on the retail Morrowind Game of the Year edition
  2. Vanilla Morrowind Plus - a short guide for getting a stable game running a few quality of life, interface, and visual overhaul mods including Morrowind Graphics Extender (MGE-XE)
  3. Open Morrowind (OpenMW) - a short guide for getting a "vanilla plus" game using Open Morrowind, an open source re-implementation of the Morrowind runtime (at the time of this post the project is pretty far along too, and supports some nice visual effects (but currently not the Distant Land, sexy water, or extra eyecandy of MGE-XE, but a much better rendering engine.)  In the future, it should theoretically be possible to mod the engine to support new mechanics and systems (think Skyrim Combat, for example.) without hacky workarounds or script extenders et el.  There are nightly builds and I could see this becoming the "go to" for Morrowind and features in the next year or two.
  4. Morrowind Sound and Graphics Overhaul (MGSO) - a guide to the kind-of-quick but "not so vanilla but still vanilla" guide for the Morrowind Overhaul (MGSO) mod, which is an automated install of a bunch of high quality mods.  Least fuss, but still requires some tweaking/bugfixes to get it 100% right.
  5. Morrowind - Rise of The Nerevarine - a guide for my personal Morrowind (and by extension, OpenMW) mod builds for visuals, bug fixes and balancing, and content (like Tamriel Rebuilt, Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins, etc.)

So anyway, I'll be working on this at length the next few months, I imagine.

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