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  1. @Gandaganza There is now a video tutorial on how to make ELFX (and other lighting mods) compatible on the Nexus description page. 9 min vid, and very easy to follow.
  2. Thanks for working on the WAO part of this pack. I am starting to explore it for my next play through, and will definitely use this guide to help out.
  3. Okay, thanks for looking into it! Must be some remnant from the past, or a mistake I made. I probably did mis-click. As I have found out for me clicking on the right thing is really flippin hard... Running 3 monitors, using the Flawless Widescreen Hack to make it work with Skyrim. Beautiful to run, but messes up stuff like clicking in the console. First world problems, ya know? ALso, I see JK has released Riverwood now. Looks pretty darn nice. I there a reason JK Riften didn't make the cut? Is Dawn of better? SOrry if it is in the past on the forum Just tell me to shut up if so :) Can't search for some reason (flow control, must wait 11 seconds, but I've waited 11 minutes and still won't work...)
  4. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60271/ Nexus Category: Models and Textures Seems like a good fit to STEP. I've been using it for awhile. Feels really natural to the game, but enriches the environment.
  5. I did miss something in my install. I missed updating LAL. I was running v2.3.7. Version 2.4.0 relocated and renamed the farm (From Karnsdale to Shoal's Rest). This cleared up the conflict. It is confirmed that it was between LAL & CRF. Just figured I would report back here incase someone else has this issue. Also found a new issue. Wondering if anyone else has seen it. Seems to be a giant stone... thing? wheel? table? ... in Karthwastern. Specifcly it about halfway imbedded in the door of Karthwastern Hall. I did a clean install of the latest ETaC (Per the sticky post on ETaC Nexus page). The stone is from ETaC (ID 000e345a). I plan to just remove it from the .esp, but wanted to see if anyone else has this, or if it is just a weird remnant in my game.
  6. I think this is relevant to this thread from the MMO Forum: I have not used Vurt's or similar methods on a consistent path, nor have I tested for repeat-ability of the test. I have used it on set ups that crashed often during normal gameplay (once every 2 to 3 hours) and on very stable games (8 to 12 hour sessions, no crashes). The length of time I run in a Vurt's style stability test seemed to correlate to the stability of the game. So I didn't think about it much beyond that. However I think Hishutup brings up a good point. Is it repeatable? Look, I'm an engineer leading a diverse team who works on large complex systems. We do a lot of stress testing, and Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT). When we design and validate these tests we look at many aspects. The 2 most relevant (IMO) to this discussion are (1) do we get repeatable results? and (2) Does it reproduce issues (or wear) seen by our customers using the product? I completely agree. This is the value of stress testing. The point isn't to put the product under a 'realistic load' but under a load that will accelerate real (sometimes rare) failures. If it takes us 30 to 40 hours of regular game play to identify a major stability issue in the game, it isn't practical to try to fix it, then play 40 hours only to find out you didn't. Searcher 7, what do you mean by repeatable errors? Is this an error you get after a consistent amount of time running Vurt's Stress Test, or an error you get when you consistently load the same cells in a specific order quickly? Or a location the consistently crashes but seemingly at random (doesn't seem to rely on amount of time spent testing, or order of cells loaded, etc. only the general area the CTD happens)? Has Vurt's or any other stress test method helped anyone find or diagnose a problem in their regular gameplay?
  7. @Hishutup Thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean, repeat-ability & reproduce-ability are key. I have noticed a lot of variation with the STEP recommended performance test. I get anywhere from 5 to 10 average fps variation with consecutive run-through s (Same set up). I actually plan to do some statistical analysis on it, but it will take some time. Maybe during this long weekend or my winter break I'll get to it.... anyway I digress. I'll look for a testing method topic today. If I can't find one, i'll create a new one. Seems like a good discussion to have, and that a good answer (or even lack of an answer) would be valuable to the community.
  8. @TechAngel85 Thanks for your work on this. I have been using it for a few days now and I really like the changes. It is LOADS better than Vanilla, and I don't have to worry about all the armor clothing compatibility of going to UNP or CBBE. Are you still in the Alpha stage on it? Do you have any un-resolved issues you plan to address? Is this going to make it into Step 2.3.0? I realize you probably haven't been working on it recently. Just wondering if you plan on working on it more in the future.
  9. Yea, I realized. Just was hoping that there was a known conflict already patched. It was for naught. Got it and checked it out. Looks to be Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp & Cutting Room Floor.esp. Hard to tell exactly since they are on top of each other, but all the objects in that area belong to those two mods. I think the ID's for the door that conflicts are ED03E80D (But type is Tree? wtf) & 1902391A Really curious to know if anyone else has this issue. I suppose one way or the other, i'm going to have to learn how to patch. Is the creation kit wiki the best place to learn these things?
  10. I am using Interesting NPC's. I tried the new patch, but the issue was still present. Even started a new character just to be sure. :/
  11. Just updated to the latest REGS version. Did a random start (Alt Start) and ended up in Karnsdale Farm. However, seems like Frost River Meadery is right on top of it. I can go back and forth on the door to be given the option to enter one or the other. This seems to extend into the farm yard as well. As I look a potatoes or cabbage, I can alternately take or steal them. I believe this is a conflict between Cutting Room Floor and Alternate Start. Not really sure though. Did I miss something in my install? Is this a known issue? Or am I alone in having it? Also noticed a signpost halfway in a building just south of dragon bridge. This might be my fault, as I added Fight Against the Thalmor IV (South Dragon Bridge). If so, I'll play through that content, then remove it from the game...
  12. @hishutup Really? I was about to start stress testing using both Vurt's and another where you run around in god mode at a fast speed (but not as fast as flying around). big loops, trying to load most areas of the game until it either crashes or my wife tells me that I have to choose, her or skyrim.... Anyway, can you (1) give us the low down on why it doesn't test anyting? and (2) recommend a good test(s) for stability? Thanks in advance.
  13. Yea, it was my mistake. You are exactly correct. I had the more noise version w/out the deadliness. Thank you.
  14. Hey Dread, Just wanted to give you some props again. Just went through the install of MMO from scratch. You have made a lot of improvements, it is quite clear. The install has (mostly) gone w/out a hitch. Now time to start merging then testing. 1 question I have, I see the Traps are Dangerous patches in both the MMO patches, as well as AOS. I had thought that was for Traps Make Noise, until I saw my missing masters warnings. Traps are dangerous are not part of step 2.2.9, or MMO install list. Am I just confused here, or does the guide need to be updated to add it in or take out the notes to patch for it?
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