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Question About Skyrim INIs and Decimals



I was wondering if it is OK to remove all of the ".000" at the end of lines in skyrim's ini files.


For example:


fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000.0     --------->  fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000


As you can see I did away with the .0. Would it be OK to do this with every line? I'm trying to simplify my INI and was wondering if this is safe to do...


EDIT: One more question...does the order of the INI parameters matter? Like, is it OK for me to rearrange them so that they are in alphabetical order? I'm very OCD when it comes to this stuff... :p

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That is perfectly safe to do, although it is rather a meaningless exercise. If you do that to SkyrimPrefs.ini, the next time you change the in-game settings, they will revert to using decimal points.

Thank you Double You. What about the order of the INI parameters, are they safe to rearrange alphabetically?

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