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Armor Disguises


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Good for the sneaky type character:



I haven't tested it but it looks interesting. :)




Have you ever wanted to return to Whiterun after a murdering spree without getting arrested? Or maybe you wanted to live with the Bandits for a month? Well now you can, with Armor Disguises. Armor Disguises is a mod that spawned from the latest of my many assassin characters and Fallout New Vegas. For those of you that are not familiar, New Vegas implemented a system that would allow players to disguise themselves as a member of a main quest faction by wearing its members' armor. Using scripts, this mod does more or less that.


Current Factions:


The following Factions are presently included in Armor Disguises:



Warlocks and Necromancers


Imperials and Stormcloaks



*Note: In order for guard armor to work the player needs to leave the cell, wait at least 24 game hours, and equip either the helmet or the cuirass last, the boots or gauntlets last will not trigger the disguise.




The following features are presently in the mod:

Wear ALL pieces of a Faction's armor to be disguised as a member (i.e. wear all fur armor to be disguised as a Bandit)

Armor can be equipped in any order (except for guard armor, see note above)

Racial Requirements for the Forsworn (Breton) and the Thalmor (High Elf)

A basic perk required to disguise at all

A higher level perk to bypass the Racial Requirements

Multiple Player attacks to cause NPCs to be hostile to the Player again

Attacking any enemy will cause the Player to be removed from the faction and attacked on sight

The player can re-disguise once out of combat and undetected**

Trying to disguise while already in combat will not end combat

Removing any piece of armor will cause hostile NPCs to attack and Guards to arrest criminals in their hold.

For the Necromancers, the Warlocks, and the Thalmor: Players need to wear the hooded variant of their robes in order to be disguised


**Note: After re-disguising, if the enemy the player initially assaulted is alive, they will not be friendly

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