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Adjusting Exterior, or Interior Light sources in ENB



Im looking to tweak Nighttime exterior light sources intensity. My ENB has them set far too low and subdued. Im trying to make lamps, braziers torches etc, mainly for towns, brighter and more realistic. As things stand, w/o adjusting the global night values, static light sources really dont help all the much, some, but not as much as they should imo.


I found


Fire>Intensity Night - increased this by a factor of 300% and Its still kind of subdued imo. Was 4, trying 12 atm.


Are there any other parameters in ENB settings that can be used to adjust this further? Like radius and so on?  And for a dark, realistic night, what is the general consensus on what are realistic values for night illumination anyway? Or is there even any general idea to begin with?





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The radius and base intensity of the lights is set in the respective .esp´s you are using. ENB can only multiply those values. 

It is a common misconception that ENB can alter the lights in the way you describe. 


However based on your description then I would imagine that your enbeffect.fx file contains some code which dampen the brightness of the overall image. If fire intensity = 12 and it is still... dim, then something is definitely going on. At that level it should be pure white on most settings. 


I would go check up on that sort of thing before I try to mess more with any of the values in the .ini files. Especially the night time settings. 

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Its not that 12 is too 'dim' its actually a lot better now, but further refinement is what I am after.  If the creation engine had a realistic, standardized way to measure light intensity, and applied its consistently, every mod could use a fairly standardized set of values for night lighting. As no such standard exists, mod makers just adjust the intensity and appearance of light sources, usually based on aesthetics, and often times, little else. My current values were too dim, and had limited radius, making night lighting not very effective, or even realistic. The fact there are so many lighting overhauls mods out there and how popular they are is an indication of this. My current ENB simulates dark nights very well-but is not so good when it comes to night lighting, a common comment about it.


The intensity and radius of light is something that can be determined rigorously and, in principle, a value assigned  either the CK or ENB's that would give a very good approximation of what lighting would really look like in the skyrim 'world'. 

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