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Crashing In Certain Areas


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Hey, guys. I'm freaking out right now, because I've played dozens of hours of the game after having completed the guide, but now am starting to have problems.


I'm getting frequent crashes in particular load areas, including Mick & Ralph's, the outdoor area of Freeside containing the Atomic Wrangler, and the command tent at Camp Forlorn Hope. I can only speak for these places because Freeside and Camp Forlorn Hope are where my two different characters happen to be at the moment. There could be many more locations. Some I have not gotten to load even once (Freeside), while some have loaded inconsistently (Forlorn Hope tent). I attempt to enter the area, get the loading screen for a few seconds, and the game CTDs. I also experienced one random crash when I opened a dumpster out in the desert near North Vegas, of all things, but upon reloading was able to open the dumpster without incident.


I have made some changes to my mods recently:


i realized that a few of New Vegas Redesigned 3's faces (at least Boone, Veronica, and Cass) weren't showing up because they were being overridden by Project Mikoto, which I installed because I wanted more hair and eye options for my character. I don't have any of the Mikoto addons designed to distribute the new hairs and such to NPCs, but whatever.


I changed my load order a little and fixed the faces easily.


I also unticked a mod I have called DK Female Face Textures just because I wanted to remind myself what the game looked like without them.


Finally, I've had the Enhanced Blood Texture mod unticked all along after a little testing of its effects because I didn't really care for it, but I decided to retick it and give it another try.


This is what I get for tinkering with multiple things without testing them or making a backup!


Thing is, I've manually restored everything to the way it was before I started messing around with the above mods, and the crashing problem is still present. Is it even related to the changes I made?


Update: Also crashed while walking around the desert near Forlorn Hope and near Nelson and when trying to enter Willow's bungalow in Novac and the nearby Short Stick Saloon from New Vegas Bounties. Just one crash each, was able to enter these areas after reloading. Still no luck entering Freeside even once.


Update 2: I hadn't ever rebuilt the Bashed Patch after the changes I made, so I really thought I was on to something when I did that this morning, but still no luck with Freeside.

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