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STEP:Extended with Requiem 1.9.2



Hi Folks,


I've built STEP Extended with Requiem 1.9.2 taking into account the Requiem install notes on the STEP Wiki, noting that these were written when Requiem 1.7.3 was current, and presumably an earlier version of STEP.  I've been away from gaming for years, and the core tools here are new to me (MO and friends) so it may be that I've made an error or two, but I've tried to stick strictly to published recommendations.  I have a couple of issues that I'd appreciate comment on:


(1) As noted above the STEP Requiem install notes are a bit dated.  Requiem mandates that several STEP Core and Extended modules aren't installed, including No NPC Greetings and Disease Descriptions, both of which are replaced by the STEP:Extended Patch.  Will these be safely overwritten by Requiem, or should I look at removing the STEP Extended Patch and replacing (with merges) all it's documented as including (other than these two mods of course).  I'm hesitant to take this approach as I don't know whether the STEP:Extended patch is providing any other functionality.  Perhaps there's some other approach I should be taking.  Any advice?


(2) I've applied Requiem patches from Requiem 1.9 Patch Central in the specified order (see attached loadorder.txt).  It's unclear where to put the Requiem Bring Out Your Dead compatibility patch.  I've tried every position from just after Requiem.esp to just before Requiem for the Indifferent.esp (rebuilding the DSR patch and Requiem for the Indifferent each time).  In all cases the key named characters in the default opening sequence are naked.  I assume these are those who can die.  I've checked using Alternate Start - Live Another Life and Saadia in Whiterun is clothed, so I'm not sure if this is just an opening sequence issue or some error on my part.  Once again, any advice on this?


(3) For anyone who knows this build well, are there any Requiem patches I should really be applying?


Thanks in Advance,



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