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Jumping Animation (by 5poiler)


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My title is more imaginative!





I already put my valued input in the comment section, but it looks okay I guess. I'm not sure how valued animations are around here.


EDIT (by oqhansoloqo): For reference to SpearowKing's comment about the title.  Title originally said -  "Jumping Mod Thing by 5poiler"


EDIT (by SpearowKing): Booooooooooooo!

Edited by Guest
improper mod title - it would have made it difficult for people to search for the mod here with an incorrect title
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You should just have gone for the "no more falppy bird" sub-title  ::P:



As for my personnal taste, I won't budge from "Pretty Jump Animation" (the "good" one, not the BS flip), simply because I also use Jump Interruption, and Pretty Jump Animation is the only jump animation mod out there that include an proper landing anim. But I have to admit that this new one have some sexyness in it.

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