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Mods that S.T.E.P. has that SR:LE doesn't

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Hello guys, i have a question about this subject (well, more like i want Neovalen's opinion);


Have Neovalen ever checked STEP guide for the goods that they did have? Or did he never checked it?


Eeee, let me explain it with some examples, so i can make what i said clearer :P


1. There is a mod in STEP called Lock Overhaul, that i didn't see in SR:LE. It is a fairly brilliant imo, and i want to know if he didn't know it existed, didn't like it, or something else?


2. Let me give another example: Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored. It is a quite nice little mod for my opinion, and the same question is: Did he find it redundant or brilliant? Or he never knew it existed before?


I'm not trying to suggest them, i just want to know Neovalen's opinion about some STEP mods that he didn't have in his guide, and if he ever checked that guide (for 'inspiration' :P). And what does he think about the S.T.E.P. Guide ^^



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You can add them by yourself if you want. Usually i make a STEP install and then add some mods from the SRLE guide on top of it, or viceversa. Just check for any incompatibilities on TES5Edit and redundant textures or features between mods.

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