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ENB and Loading Times



I am seeing a big difference with loading times (time spent on the loading screens) with ENB graphics enabled vs. not.  When I disable graphics enhancements, that is set UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=true, I get 5-6sec loading times.  However, if I set that to false to enable graphics, I see a huge increase @roughly 20-30sec.  I wanted to see if this disparity was expected and if there is something I could do to reduce it.



Possibly useful information on my setup:

Graphics Card:  GTX 980 with latest drivers.  4GB VRAM.  Max VRAM used when loading 3.2GB.

ENBLocal.ini:  https://pastebin.com/PaRSNPLX

SweetFX:  Default settings.  Enabled increases loading times by a 4-5sec.  Doesn't affect framerate by more than 1 or 2.

ENB Preset:  Natural Lighting and Atmospherics without any modifications. 

A Few Relavent Mods:  With ELFX, Realistic Water 2, Tamriel Reloaded HD 4K, aMidianBorn Book of Silence, True Storms,  and High Quality LODs.  I can provide a full list upon request.

Mod Manager:  Mod Organizer.



I am getting ~40fps normally with my setup (many 4K textures @1440p in a borderless window).  I am surprised ENB is having such a large impact.  Even the getting the main menu (from launch) is taking 5-10sec extra.  Returning to skyrim after a while and this is my first setup with ENB and higher resolution graphics so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Edit:  Forgot to mention I checked task manager and nothing stands out.  With or without ENB graphics I see more or less the same:  10-30% CPU Utilizaton; Reading mod files off the disk.  TESV.exe commit is <800MB and ENBHost.exe with ~1.6GB.


Edit2:  Another thing I forgot, this is win10.  I didn't have skyrim before upgrading to win10 so I unfortunately don't have any reference numbers.  I haven't had any issues with win10 though.

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I understand there is extra rendering and that it affects frame rates, but I don't understand why it affects loading screen time.  I would imagine that the loading screen time would depend on the number and size of textures, scripts, but not the post processing of the frames (from my understanding this is what ENB is doing).  Is this a caching issue?  It kind of blows my mind that I just spent ~45sec at a loading screen on a relatively high end machine.  And what rendering could be going on at the main menu (I have smoke and other effect at menu screens turned off)?

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This might be related to vsync or the frame limiter in your enb.


For me I have to disable the frame limiter and vsync in my enblocal and use nvidia inspector to set a frame limit and set the Vertical Sync Tear Control to Adaptive.  I also set the Vertical Sync setting to force off.


The above settings work differently for everyone but it is another place to try different settings to see what help you config.


In my testing I also noticed the enb vsync with frame limiter directly effects my script latency.  When I have the convenient horses script latency running I get an average of 70s with the enb frame limiter enabled and 35s with it disabled.  I don't get this issue when using nvidia's frame limiter.

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