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Skyrim Performance Monitor incompatibility with ENB



Hi! :)


I noticed that when I have ENB installed and try to run Skyrim Performance Monitor with its ingame on-screen display (via Mod Organizer > SKSE), the on-screen display/OSD doesn't work at all. I've tried it with both the "Attempt support for custom d3d9.dll" and "Combine TESV and ENBHost system RAM" checked and unchecked.


I also noticed that it says right on the mod's main page under Known Limitations and Troubleshooting that:


"The in-game counters display currently has a compatibility issue with certain mods like ENB Series, Realistic Colors and Real Nights (RCRN), and a few others which employ a custom D3D9.dll file. If you happen to use a mod like the ones mentioned here, the in-game counters in the monitor might not work. However, all of the other graphs in SPM like Memory, VRAM, Disk I/O, CPU, GPU, and Threads should still render correctly though (minus the FPS graph, will which display either "0" or "n/a"). I'm currently researching on how to resolve this. Please note that this is a limitation with SPM."


However, the entire OSD simply doesn't appear at all ingame (it does without ENB installed), so I don't have a way of seeing at least Skyrim's RAM/VRAM usage to check how close to 3.1GB different areas get to. (it probably does work with the ENB injector version as some people have said, but I'm kind of averted to having to start the injector prior to running Skyrim every time)


Is there a different method for seeing Skyrim's RAM/VRAM/various other stats that isn't so clashy?

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Haha, this is strange, I somehow got Performance Monitor working with my wrapper version of RealVision ENB installed, in-game OSD and all. No idea what I did differently though other than try enabling and disabling the "support custom d3d9.dll", so I can't reproduce it, but at least I know it's possible now.

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