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Merging the EssArrBee Weapons question



So this part in the mod guide really confuses me and I have noticed that when I did this, it caused my game to crash:




On the right pane in the plugins tab, move "SRB's Additional Weapons.esp" above "ADAM Complete.esp"

  1. Open FNVEdit, then right click the list of mods and "Select None", now tick "SRB's Additional Weapons.esp" and click [OK]
  2. Right click "ADAM Complete.esp" and select "Add Masters..."
  3. Tick "SRB's Additional Weapons.esp" and click [OK]
  4. In the top left search field for Editor ID, type ADAMOutcastDEAD and hit [Enter]
  5. In the right pane, go to the section Items and find the entry for the Minigun
    1. Click the Minigun entry twice slowly, not a double click
    2. When the entry turns blue, type the letter 'z' and the dropdown should show zM24E1 listed
    3. Click the zM24E1 entry and hit [Enter]. FNVEdit will re-order the entries automatically.
    4. Now right click the LootAmmo5mm [LVLI:0006B541] entry and select "Edit"
    5. Paste in LootAmmo308 [LVLI:0006B542] and click [OK]
  6. Now in the left pane, expand SRB's Additional Weapons.esp->Worldspace->000DA726->Block -1, 0->Sub-Block -3, 0->000DAEB9->Temporary
    • There should be four records listed under Temporary, three will need to edited.
    1. Click the record with the Editor ID: zM24E1box "M24E1 Trunk (respawn)" [CONT:0A008A1F]
    2. In the right pane, right click the empty column next to Record Header->Record Flags and select "Edit"
    3. Tick "Initially Disabled" and click [OK]
    4. Right click the value next to DATA - Position/Rotation->Position->Z and click "Edit"
    5. Enter -30000 and click [OK]
  7. Repeat that same process for records with Editor IDs: MagazineNVLockpick "Locksmith's Reader" [ALCH:000EC4A8] and Mentats "Mentats" [ALCH:00015165]





Can you explain the adding to master bit? First of all, in the guide you mention "Open FNVEdit, then right click the list of mods and "Select None", now tick "SRB's Additional Weapons.esp" and click [OK]". when you do this, you don't get the option to click ADAM? You have to actively select ADAM to show up but you don't mention that in the guide.

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