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Hi guys!   as many times as I've installed and re-installed S.T.E.P  I think this segment of the install process that I've posted here is one of the most important, yet it can be easily overlooked.....maybe more attention should be given to this. Like boulder and more eye catching Font?


just my .02 cents




STEP Sucsess depends on :
STEP includes patches for both STEP Core installations and STEP Core + Extended installations to save plugin slots. For users that may not want to install all of the mods included in STEP, check the page of required mods for the STEP Patches below. Users that decided they will not use the STEP Patches will need to install all relevant patches listed on that page. Take note of those plugins since they are not listed throughout the guide. Regardless, anyone can use the STEP Combined Plugin as long as DLC and SMIM are installed to save about ten plugins.
STEP Patches Requirements - For anyone that is not using the STEP Patches, it is recommended to keep this page open for reference.
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