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I have a quick question. After finishing SR:LE apparently I hadn't done the DynDOLOD TexGen which was just added into the guide. I just want to know what Neovalen means when he says:



TES5Edit Scripts

Before executing any scripts, it is required to set a default output directory for TES5Edit. Modify the TES5Edit executable entry in Mod Organizer to add a -o:"<Path>" to the argument field replacing <Path> with a folder such as "C:/TES5Edit Output" that is outside of the Mod Organizer folder structure and click [Modify].

So basically I have to create a TES5Edit Output directory and then in the executable box add this exactly?


-o:"C:TES5Edit Output"


o:C:TES5Edit Output



Do I have to include the hyphen behind the o and quotation marks before and after the specified path? Which one is in correct form? Also, since I've already ran DynDOLOD Worlds, must I rerun it after running the DynDOLOD TexGen? Or should I just only run the DynDOLOD TexGen and leave the Worlds as it is?


One more thing, since I've already ran it, is there anything I must delete before reruning it, such as the DynDOLOD Worlds mod? Or can I also leave that? Thanks!










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