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    15 years old, and a computer enthusiast at heart. I build computers as a hobby. Skyrim modding and tweaking is also what I do in my spare time. Right now I'm running SRLE Extended: Legacy of the dragonborn alongside 50-60 other custom mods, and I'm still adding and tinkering with a lot more! :)
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  1. I'd advise to get rid of Zan's mod. It isn't safe. You can get the exact same function, + keeping your game clean, by simply making two .ini edits in all 3 of your .inis (fallout.ini, falloutprefs.ini, and fallout_default.ini). bPreemptivelyUnloadCells=0 to bPreemptivelyUnloadCells=1 bSelectivePurgeUnusedOnFastTravel=0 to bSelectivePurgeUnusedOnFastTravel=1
  2. Hey man, no issue at all. As I said, apologies for being so rude and inconsiderate. I also feel the same way you do with Windows 10. As of right now, I've just finished Robert's Body and have no issues whatsoever, though I haven't extensively playtested. For some odd reason, UIO didn't handle DarN for me. Though I do have my inis set as read-only (and will not change them otherwise as that seems to cause crashing issues). I also have the problem with crashing when closing. It's a minor annoyance but there nonetheless. What definitely did fix my problems was moving my install order around slightly. I specified on my 3rd post.
  3. Update 9 : Perhaps final update for this topic alone. Installed all of HUD mods, then installed quests and such and placed below the HUD mods. Went off without a hitch, except for Unoffical Patch Plus telling me I was missing requirements; I had forgot to reinstall NVAC and JIP NVSE Plugin. Not a single issue. I'm now absolutely sure that the problems stemmed from priority order in the right pane. I'm going to go along with the guide and come back here to update for any future problems. Couldn't believe all this time that reinstalling one mod and moving it lower in the load order had caused me nearly 12 hours of headache. Also note that I haven't made a single ini edit so far. If I run across an issue while doing so, I'll post again.
  4. Update 7 : Reinstalling DarNified worked. Tried with ini edits, works beautifully. Seeing if I can get this show on the road. Got all the way up to The Weapon Mod Menu (have two other power armor mods alongside PPA) and everything works. EXCEPT! The Weapon Mod Menu crashes my game. So I went back to my old TTW guide and followed the instructions. The WMM should technically only overwrite DarN UI, so I placed it right below DarN and no crash. Awesome. So, if I were to suggest an edit to this guide (hey hey, just a suggestion), I'd say: Update DarN UI link (I went to the actual download site) : Here is the websiteWhen installed, right-click, select Information and go to INI files. At the bottom left, where it says INI Tweaks, right-click the empty space, select Create Tweak, and enter the following. [Fonts] ;sFontFile_1=Textures\Fonts\Glow_Monofonto_Large.fnt sFontFile_1=Textures\Fonts\DarN_FranKleinBold_14.fnt ;sFontFile_2=Textures\Fonts\Monofonto_Large.fnt sFontFile_2=Textures\Fonts\DarN_FranKleinBold_16.fnt sFontFile_3=Textures\Fonts\Glow_Monofonto_Medium.fnt ;sFontFile_4=Textures\Fonts\Monofonto_VeryLarge02_Dialogs2.fnt sFontFile_4=Textures\Fonts\DarN_Sui_Generis_Otl_10.fnt sFontFile_5=Textures\Fonts\Fixedsys_Comp_uniform_width.fnt ;sFontFile_6=Textures\Fonts\Glow_Monofonto_VL_dialogs.fnt sFontFile_6=Textures\Fonts\DarN_Sui_Generis_Otl_13.fnt ;sFontFile_7=Textures\Fonts\Baked-in_Monofonto_Large.fnt sFontFile_7=Textures\Fonts\DarN_Libel_Suit_Otl_24.fnt sFontFile_8=Textures\Fonts\Glow_Futura_Caps_Large.fnt sFontFile_9=Textures\Fonts\NVFont_Test.fntThen click save. While this won't do anything regarding crashes, it is required in order to see any font, plus it significantly enhances the font. I don't know why this was removed from the guide if Darn UI is listed (even if deemed as optional, but UIO states it handles the font - it did not for me.) Update instructions to place WMM below DarN UI. I placed it directly below.Will continue to update as I go along. I would suggest keeping this thread up in case anyone else has similar issues. Update 8 : One Hud (oHUD) causing crashes. Sorted with LOOT, nope. So, I changed install order. Nothing is to overwrite DarNified except for oHUD. Going from bottom to top (directly pasted from Mod Organizer), this is the install order on the right pane. +One HUD - oHUD +DUINVv04 +The Weapon Mod Menu +MCM BugFix +The Mod Configuration Menu +Project Nevada - Extra Options +Project Nevada +Mojave Patch Outpost +T-60 Power Armor Project Nevada Patch (Ignore) +T-60 Power Armour (Ignore) +Immersive Power Armor (Ignore - yes, I have required patches. I simply copied patch info over to main esp through NVEdit) +Powered Power Armor +JIP Improved Recipe Menu +JIP Companions Command and Control +JIP Selective-Fire +JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating +FPS Weapon Wheel +Ambient Temperature +UIO - User Interface Organizer No crash. oHUD overwrites DarN but that's it. Added Flashlight NVSE, works fine. Going to move on to the rest of the HUD. Will report back.
  5. I can't edit my post? Oh well. Update 5 : Enable UIO and DarNified UI, crash. Disable them, delete contents within overwrite folder. Crash. Sigh...going back to default inis works. Realized that Fallout.ini in MO/Plugins wasn't read only. UIO and DarNified still unchecked and working. Update 6 : Enable UIO. Works. Enable DarNified without ini edits - doesn't work. Immediate message 'FalloutNV.exe has stopped working." Enable ini edits for DarNified, still doesn't work. Disable UIO with DarNified only - crash. what could be the issue? I'll try reinstalling, but for now, I'm going to test all other HUD mods aside from DarNified.
  6. Going to update as I go along here. Update 1 : Reinstalled Mod Organizer, copied mods folder over. Nothing checked. Launches fine. Update 2 : Interesting. When I enable NVSR, the script "getnvseversion" doesn't work. Going to reinstall and see if I can sort this out. Update 3 : Placing the Stutter Remover manually in the nvse plugins folder allows me to launch NVSE from MO ( I know - 4GB doesn't work then) rather than previously where having it checked didn't let me. Typing getNVSEversion works. However, when I launch the actual exe or launcher to allow the 4GB Patch to work (unless I'm doing it wrong and I have to launch NVSE?), then the command to getNVSEversion doesn't work. When I remove NVSR altogether, it DOES work. I'm confused now; there's no way I'm playing without NVSR, but shouldn't it work regardless? Update 4 : Okay, so I fixed it - I redownloaded NVSE and placed ALL contents inside the folder, including the source folder (leaving out text files) and it works now. I'm going to remove NVSR and NVAC from the manual placement and redo it with MO and check.
  7. Apologies for the language, but this **** is way too complicated. Disclaimer : The issues have nothing to do with this guide, but rather New Vegas itself. To begin, I had tried to install TTW and everything sailed smoothly, but seeing the FPS drops (lower frames in Mojave than Wasteland) and the fact that I've played FO3 multiple times over yet never made it out of Doc Mitchell's house (ever.) made me want to simply mod New Vegas to hell and back. Not only this, but the TTW compatibility patches for many mods, as well as certain mods that simply were incompatible / messed up the game (Pipboy mods especially) made me lose interest in TTW. However : TTW did work. As I said already, the aforementioned problems only drove me away from it, as well as low frames. I had installed a huge variety of different mods, a lot being UI, and it functioned properly. Only one crash came from ENB hogging resources and me screwing up the 4gb Patch (I was using the launcher rather than the default exe). So, I deleted everything I could have, uninstalled New Vegas through the control panel and Steam, deleted the files within my documents folder, and attempted a fresh start. Surely, being that TTW is a huge mod with known issues, albeit stable, New Vegas alone would go off without a hitch. Absolutely NOT the case. Launched game from Steam, worked fine. Set up Mod Organizer, worked fine. I had installed NVSE, JIP, NVAC and NVSR, with all of the required ini edits. Worked fine. From there, I started adding mods all the way up until UI. Started the game when the guide tells you to test it out, and this is where the problems came into play. Mind, I had made absolutely zero changes to my system between the transition from TTW to New Vegas alone. First, the game freezes at the start up menu, alternating between the initial menu, then the Bethesda menu, and then the New Vegas main menu. More than often, music plays in the background even while frozen. Load order has been sorted with LOOT, no errors. NVEdit, no errors, even while selecting EVERY plugin and checking. Fine. Uncheck all UI mods, as I understand that UI mods are a pain in the ass, and...crash. New Vegas has stopped responding. Fine. Uncheck all mods aside from NVSE, JIP, NVAC and NVSR. Test...crash. Uncheck those, test...crash. Now I'm confused, but I keep pushing through (for hours upon hours). I check Steam to see if New Vegas works and it does. So I copy and paste ini files, restart, and boom. It works. So I attempt to install UI mods first. DarNified UI is the problem I've determined. Simple, uncheck, only check UIO, start game. It works. (I also did install the required font changes, but only through a custom ini as I thought that would solve the issue, but the fonts weren't a problem as the game would start without them more often than not and the only issue was the missing fonts, I could still get to main menu). Start enabling other mods, one by one, and they all work. Go to rest of UI, start checking, boom. Crash. Uncheck them and go back to the same load order and priority order of when it literally worked 5 damn seconds ago and a crash. Reinstall inis, crash. Uncheck mods, crash. Reinstall inis again, works. Point taken? Then I enable DarNified UI by itself, and it works. The moment I start adding other mods, it crashes or freezes. Steam version still works like a charm. Redo the entire process and with NOTHING checked, crash. Validate game files, despite never touching the folder since, and 2 are missing. Redownload those files, Steam version still working. Mod Organizer doesn't, so this time I go to the Profiles folder, delete everything, and let the launcher take care of new ini files. Crash. Go to My Documents, copy the ini files that supposedly should work, crash. Literally nothing checked except for the default esm. No DLCs, no mods, anything. It's. Not. Working. At this point (I'm actually doing this as I type) I've no clue as to where to go or what to do. Never have I had such issues. It completely baffles me - I work on Skyblivion and Fallout 4 : Capital Wasteland, both of which require extensive resources and compatibility issues, and yet they've never posed ANY problems. I can't even launch what should be a completely vanilla New Vegas through Mod Organizer without crashing immediately, yet this is in conjunction with the ini files that Steam loads up (both Steam and MO should be completely the same) and Steam doesn't crash? By the way, uninstalling and reinstalling Mod Organizer usually fixes the issue of what I just described where a vanilla New Vegas doesn't work through MO, yet the exact same issues arise when I begin to mod (especially UI, which I think is the issue). I'm assuming that the UI mods make ini edits when the game is launched, but as I said, restoring the ini files do not work. It's just an endless cycle. I feel that if I try to install TTW as well, that the problems will actually continue. One thing - I have NOT deleted any registry keys. Perhaps that is the issue. I don't believe that the install files are corrupted (after all - Steam version works). Also, the 4GB Patcher for some reason still has Steam overlay enabled, which I turned off through Steam. Perhaps unrelated as TTW worked with it regardless and there technically isn't an overlay as I can't bring up Steam in game. There shouldn't be any other overlays - I've even disabled Radeon settings from touching the game. My specs are as followed: PCS+ R9 290 (overclocked by default)i5-4690K (not overclocked)8GB 2133Mhz RAMWindows 10 (Fall Update - I have some feeling that Windows 10 is the issue, as always)Other useless specsApologies for my constant whining. I know I am coming off as incredibly immature, but I've been driven to my wit's end with this. I really want to play New Vegas (FYI, I had it modded quite some time ago - perhaps a year, or two ago and got all the way to the finish line with this same exact guide and had not a single issue. But I wasn't feeling the game and deleted it [ I do the same with Skyrim :P ]. However, I do believe I was using Windows 8, if that means anything. Presumably not as the guide has since been tremendously updated. As I was saying, I apologize for the inconvenience, complaining, profanity, etc. I've tried nearly every different method to fix this and nothing has worked. Nothing except constant reinstalls, and even then I can't get farther than UI. And as I previously stated, this has nothing to do with the guide itself - it's truly an incredible one that, certainly, isn't the core issue. I'm posting here in hopes that perhaps somebody can assist me, and maybe somebody has come across the exact same issue. Thank you. P.S - I may simply try installing Windows 7 or 8 as a dual OS and then test. Double P.S - I mentioned that I didn't delete registry. Perhaps I should?
  8. Is the issue simply clutter? What exactly is the problem? I'm fairly experienced with the CK (having worked on and continue to work on Skyblivion for a good amount of time) and if all the issue is is cluttering, than that can easily be fixed. PM me and I'll see if I can make a compatibility patch.
  9. Has anybody used Sewers of Skyrim? From what I've heard, people claim that it is one of the best mods ever made, it is designed to integrate into Skyrim rather than contradict anything, and there is an Undeath compatibility patch.
  10. I use it alongside plenty of other combat mods not added by this guide (go to around page 13-15 and I give a whole list of them) and frankly, it is essential to play with now. The only issue is finding a good hotkey because the doubletap function can be quite annoying whenever you aren't in combat (although, they updated it to where the double tap only activates during combat).
  11. To add onto what Crazy_San said, for mods that give you the letter E whenever you try to open any subtab on a mod page, simply go to "https" and remove the "s" so that is says "http." Should work like a charm.
  12. Anyone every consider adding RaceMenu Plugin for Tattoos? Seems well-received and should integrate perfectly. 10k endorsements. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35677/? I've used KJTattoos before but they caused TES5Edit errors and made my game crash. Haven't tried these, will do now.
  13. May I also suggest this mod? It should technically be compatible with everything, doesn't require Wrye Bash, and my favorite of all, allows you to cast the spells provided by a specific key; you don't need to equip the spell (Oblivion-like system, almost). https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53751/? Unfortunately, I'm reading mixed comments, some praising the author and the others having some weird side effects. Not game breaking nor unstable, but not desired.
  14. Completely agreed. I may have an idea as to why RotE was removed and it potentially has to do with script lag. Though, I haven't had issues with it yet; I had a ton of mods for combat installed, as I've shown above, and every time I hit an enemy my game would pause for a second. Removed TK Hitstop and TK Recoil, added a Papyrus ini edit, and boom, no issues. Love the optional guide idea. If you get to it let me know, I've installed a ton of new mods that work fine and I can give a couple of (non-Souls haha) suggestions. For example: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79475/? Adds sea creatures such as sharks, whales, narwhales, etc. Some of the enemies simply aren't lore friendly, however. Sort of like Covenants in Dark Souls! :D
  15. I see, to each their own. Bu...but.....Less Intrusive HUD is a requirement.
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