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Question about Step Instructions



When cleaning the DLC esm's, the instructions say to right-click on Overwrite and create a new mod called "Cleaned Dawnguard ESM", etc. However, it does not say to do this for the Update esm, but this esm leaves a file and backup inside the Overwrite folder. Should I delete these, or follow the same instructions as the DLC overwrites? Thanks!


Just so no one needs to reference it, here are the entire instructions listed in the Step wiki:


To remove errors in the Bethesda master files, STEP recommends that they be cleaned with TES5Edit. This ensures maximum stability and compatibility within the Skyrim modding experience. At this time, Update.esm will be cleaned in the following manner:

  1. Make a backup of Update.esm from <skyrim>/data directory by copying it to the desktop (or somewhere else handy).
  2. Run TES5Edit through Mod Organizer.
  3. Right-click the list of plugins and choose [select None].
  4. Tick Update.esm, and click [OK].
  5. Wait for the Background Loader: finished message in the right panel, and then right-click [update.esm] and select [Apply Filter For Cleaning].
  6. Wait for the [Filtering done] Processed Records: message in the right panel, and then right-click [update.esm] and select [Remove "Identical to Master" records]. If the Warning! prompt pops up, click [Yes, I'm absolutely sure].
  7. Wait for the [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: message, and then right-click [update.esm] and select [undelete and Disable References].
  8. Wait for the [undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: message, and then click the [X] at upper right of the program window to exit the program.
  9. At the prompt, make sure Update.esm is checked and click [OK].

The result will be a cleaned version of Update.esm inside of <skyrim>/Data, which is why step #1 above instructs to back up the original (just in case).

[EDIT] Going back over the instructions and experimenting, it seems that I just don't need to check "Backup", and it cleans the esm without leaving it in the overwrite folder. I'm assuming that's what the instructions are meant to get across, but it's very confusing, especially since I think "Backup" is checked by default (that or it just stays checked once checked initially).

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Also, while I'm at it, I had a question about these instructions for the High Resolution Texture Pack:




Users: Mod Organizer allows loading the High Resolution Texture Pack without the three dummy plugins.
  1. In the Plugins tab, deactivate HighResTexturePack01.esp, HighResTexturePack02.esp, and HighResTexturePack03.esp as they are dummy plugins.
  2. Go to the Archives tab.
    • Tick Have MO manage archives (probably already done).
    • Tick HighResTexturePack01.bsa, HighResTexturePack02.bsa, HighResTexturePack03.bsa


When I go to the Archives tab, those three items are already "ticked". Does this mean to leave them ticked, or does it mean to un-tick them?

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Incredibly confusing, and I am embarrassed to state how much time I spent stuck on this step.

Finally gave up.  The instructions are not matching what I am encountering with the Mod Organizer.

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