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  1. I did everything in sequence. There is something buggy about the dialogue. Certain options are not available. i.e. Jarl of Whiterun says I can buy a house but there is no such option to do so when talking to Proventus Avenicci. Similar problem with the Jarl of Falkreath, though I have a note to talk to him, he says nothing more than hi. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I could use some help here. Overall the game seems okay. Some dialogue options missing (can't buy a house in Whiterun). Also I cannot talk to the Jarl of Falkreath - so no house there either. In Whiterun I got around it by 'giving' myself the key. Can't upgrade or anything but at least I have a place to store my goods. In Falkreath I was able to use some console command to get rid of the talk to Jarl mission ('setstage BYOHHouseFalkreath 17). Checked to see if I actually got the house - no go. I am wondering at this stage, no house, dialogue options missing etc - what would be prudent to do. Ignore the problems, try to fix them, or do a clean install of everything? Thanks.
  3. Update: 'Gave' myself the key for the house in Whiterun. Least I can store myself in a central location now. Game seems to have so-so stability. Occasional crashes. I try to save as often as possible and key places/moments to help get around them. I was wondering though, those of you with in-depth understanding of STEP could help me in choosing compatible mods. The following list for example - could I add them without breaking the game? floating healthbarsspell chargingcombat evolvedimmersive patrolslegend of the eagles nestclearsky hideoutraven castleThe Asteriawaterfalls retreatslave leiawitch of the wildsovngarde steeldemon hunter modraven witch armorTriss armor retexturedN8K Black WisteriaBlack Talon ArmorVampire Cuirass with chains
  4. Managed to get over the problem. Loaded a previous save outside the Inn. Seem the crashes occur around Solitude than others areas. I am getting other strange issues occur however: -no house option in Whiterun though quest is done -when trading items with follower, after one item is given everything is grayed suggesting the limit has been reached, but when I break off talk then start I am permitted again. So only one item at a time per conversation. -NPC suddenly teleport from one spot to another, doesn't happen often but enough to break the immersion. Not sure what part of the install could have caused these. Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Game is crashing in some places. Kind of inconsistent. Soon as I came close to Solitude then the crashes seemed to get more frequent. Right now, I am in a tavern in Solitude, and whenever I try to exit the game crashes. Not sure what I can do if anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Another question :) This messages appears in red whenever I start the game: "Patch Speedhack Enboost turned on in enblocal.ini graphic modification disabled" Should I be concerned?
  7. Thought I give you guys an update. UPN with mature skin textures seems to have worked perfectly (no lines etc). The females are better now than default. I have to admit though, HGEC for oblivion still looks better! :) Gameplay wise, initial impressions: enemies seems weak and stupid as always (was hoping they would stronger and more tenacious when chasing you down). I saw some mods online that chase AI behavior, but too afraid to play around with any of them. Is there any way to safely increase difficulty? That is it. Thanks again to everyone for the help.
  8. Okay, so the improvements seem to have worked. Big thanks Nomad. The Mature Skins Mod comes with an ESP file, so I did the following: 1. Ran Loot. That caused the Dual Sheath Redux ESP to go before the bashed patch. I moved it so it came after. 2. Rearranged the files after bashed patch to the following order: Bashed PatchDual Sheath ReduxDual Sheath PatchDynDOLOD3. I then rebuilt the bashed patch (just clicked rebuild - in Wrye Bash. Nothing else). 4. Ran Dual Sheath Redux Patch in MO. Moved contents from the override folder to the DSR output folder. 5. Ran FNIS in MO. Moved contents from the override folder to the FNIS output folder. 6. Regarding DynDOLOD - do I have to do anything with it again? A few other details: When running the game, I start it in MO via SKSE. Also I did not delete XCE. I just let installed UNP over it. Then Mature textures which is compatible with UNP over that.
  9. Ran into a funny problem. Started new game. Wagon got stuck at the gate. Turned right up on its side. Dialogue continued, but when calling the prisoners nobody could get into the fort. We just stood outside it. Thief was looking at me, and I thought - you are lucky, you actually made an escape. lol Nothing happened beyond that. Had to restart. Loot is showing an error however: An error occurred while parsing the masterlist: More than one entry exists for "BetterBreezehome.esp". This probably happened because an update to LOOT changed its metadata syntax support. Try updating your masterlist to resolve the error. Any ideas?
  10. Thanks for the tips. Curious, does UNP comes with a vanilla model and if so is that the one you used?
  11. Before I did anything that might ruin all the work I put into getting through the STEP guide, I wanted to run a few things by you guys. I like to have more eye candy in the game. Better shaped females, better texture etc than what there is now. To be clear though, not looking to have naked women running around in high heels. (that is totally immersion breaking). From my understanding this requires adding new models and textures. Some have suggested I remove XCE, but I read that one could install body and texture mods (i.e. CBBE) after XCE - as long as the face textures were excluded. At this moment, I am considering these mods: CBBE, Mature Skin Textures, and Women of Skyrim. Any advice/insights is appreciated. Thanks! Just discovered this thread: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/4772-nsfw-step-female-body-replacer/page-2
  12. #3 - I understood the directions (or so I thought), but was clearly doing something wrong in the implementation. Suggestion for rewording #1: In the archive you will find a TES5Edit folder. Copy its contents. Then locate where you installed TES5Edit on your computer. Once you do paste the contents in the main folder (named TES5Edit). Not sure if that makes more sense to others, but it does to me! :)
  13. My feedback: Copy the contents of the TES5Edit folder in the archive to the TES5Edit folder; found where TES5Edit was installed. - Reword this. Drag the Docs directory into the Data directory, so the DynDOLOD documentation can be seen from within MO. - I didn't understand it and actually didn't do it. Not sure if that will break my game? 9. Open up the output folder (C:\TES5LODGenOutput from the TES5Edit setup) and create an archive from the textures folder within using 7zip. - I failed at this step every time. I watched the video, did as instructed, read the guide, but couldn't get it right. I honestly don't know how I completed the last step. My output folder is empty - the information clearly went somewhere else. The images you provided are helpful, but I am unsure whether it explains why I was encountering problems. I did as instructed, but I must have been doing something wrong because I was not getting the desired results. The last time, don't know why it worked. It did, and I wasn't about to complain. Started the game - so far so good. Suggestion - I have requested video tutorial a number of times. There is already one for DynDOLOD, but it is not specific to STEP (in its current version). There are some differences between what it instructs and what you guys do here in STEP. If maybe someone could do a new one or an update video - that would be very helpful. I can say this much - the last step was the most difficult - no doubt about it (at least for me).
  14. The game is working good. I hope this is as simple as uninstalling those mods, and installing CBBE. Hate to lose all my hard work just to see eyecandy in the game! :)
  15. So I did some digging around, but haven't been able to determine what adult mods are compatible with STEP. This may sound strange to some, but I like eye candy in my game. That means,T&A, skimpy armor for women etc. The current texture for women (STEP) is not good at all - looks like she has a roll of fat around her stomach. In real life whatever, who can maintain perfect abs? - but in a game? Please break the immersion rule or at least give us the option to do so! lol For example Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- Is it possible to add that without conflicts? IF not, then can someone offer some suggestions - nudity mods proven to be compatible with STEP?
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