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  1. Hello there I just started trying to find the best way to mod my game to keep it fresh and so on. I found the Step Skyrim Special Edition v2.1 guide on here and was like that's exactly what I was looking for. Did a fresh install of the game and started setting it all up when I noticed that of the first few Extensions that are required / recommended 3 didn't work because they were out of date. I then looked it up and saw that the game had received two updates in the last 3 or 4 weeks and now I'm asking myself if there is a way to get the most recent version of game modded properly or if there is a way to roll those updates back and play on a slightly out of date version of the game that is being fully supported by the mods. I didn't look much further in the modlist to see how many were affected, but given that out of the 7 or 8 extensions 3 didn't work definitely took some of my motivation. Should I wait until the mods are all updated? Should I wait until there is a new guide for the latest version? Should I try to roll back and follow the guide that way? Or is it only those 3 mods that don't work and I should continue on with the modding and leave the ones that don't work to the side for now? I did look for exactly a guide like the one on here, because it is nearly complete and is essentially a complete overhaul of the vanilla experience which is kind of what I wanted to get to.. But yeah any help or guidance would be very much appreciated. Cheers ^^
  2. Starting a topic to collaborate on updating the MO wiki guide to current MO2 relevance. The guide has been updated to address many of the most important changes from MO to MO2, but it still needs a comprehensive audit/revision as well as a title change to make it clear that it is the "Mod Organizer 2" manual/guide. I know that MO(1) is still available for whatever reason, but unless there is a really good reason to do so, I'd prefer not to maintain doc on what I believe is no longer relevant (set me straight if I am mistaken). Thus the drive to revise the current doc. Ultimately, this is a call to contributors familiar with the intended use and direction of MO2. At the very least, we will need 'expert' content reviewers. I'm hoping that the MO2 devs or maintenance staff have some interest here, as this maintenance should serve them well as a resource to which users can be directed from the app itself and from Discord/Reddit/wherever in order the RTFM. There is also this forum, where MO supporters are encouraged to post (and MO devs and enthusiasts are also encouraged to use as a resource). Anyway, we still have the primary MO-manual creator, @DoubleYou --and those of us here at Step that know MO well-- but having developer support and that of others will help us to keep it relevant and remove any persisting redundancy.
  3. Hello, I wanted to update MO2 but now I can't update the software and play Skyrim. I launched the setup with admin so I don't understand why is he asking for permissions.
  4. I'm assuming this is the thread for 1.0.0 as well. If not, my apologies for the wrong placement! 18 - Lighting and Weather Storm Lightning for SSE - FOMOD is outdated. The old version I think had a bunch of typos and wrong headers for some pages. New version seems to have fixed it. All options are the same, so this is low priority, but I thought I would mention it regardless.
  5. I just installed the latest USLEEP and update to the STEP Compilation + Patches ( and I'm wondering whether I need to re-run the DynDOLOD processes to regenerate its data? If so, is this something that needs to be done with every update?
  6. Mythic Dawn: Oblivion Modding Guide Edit: 8/25/15 The Mythic Dawn guide has now finally been updated. This thread will serve as a discussion board about potential changes to the modding aspect of the guide and any feedback about the changes. This post will serve as a changelog to keep track of the changes that have been made. You can compare the old version to the reworked version, and see that it looks a lot less messy and more like STEP. Feedback is appreciated. Changelog: (Updated 8/25) INI Tweak section has been completely redone and changed in so many waysDR6 and UVIII have been removed from the guide due to being buggy and unsupported for a long timeLet the People Drink has been removed from the guide due to it being integrated into Better CitiesReal Lava has been removed from the guide due to it no longer being useful and overwritten by ORSounds of Cyrodiil has been removed from the guide due to it being a terrible modWTF I'm a Missing Mesh has been removed from the guide due to it being integrated into the UOPAdded seven mods to the guideReorganized some mods that needed to be installed in a specific order and put them under a "Advanced Mods" sectionChanged the "Atmosphe, Sound & Lighting" section to just "Sound" To-do List for hishutup: Remove empty vanilla columns from UI section (I tried but couldn't get it to format correctly when removing them) Do BCF related things Check what mods still need userrule/masterlist stuff for LOOT Install and test AEVWD Integrate RAM Disk into the guide Test shadeMe and other mods Potential Textures & Mods to Add: Landscape retextureFort Ruins retextureBruma retextureCheydinhal retextureHiRez Clutter - SilverwareOblivion Trees Overhaul - (Author of Oblivion Grass Overhaul)Atmospheres v3 - Seems to be the authors more recent version of The Imperial Firmament.shadeMe - Add dynamic shadows.CTD and Memory Patch - Include after OR 3.0 updateThe Natural World Added mods: AFK_PrayerIdles - Adds prayer animations to priests, seems pretty cool for immersion.Combat Taunts Removed - "THIS IS THE PART WHERE YOU FALL DOWN AND BLEEEEEED TO DEATH!!!"Skyrimesque Counts and Countesses - Makes the royalty wear more luxurious clothes.Better Cities Aristocrat - UL PatchDownpourImproved Fruits, Vegetables, and MeatImproved Amulets and Rings
  7. Detailed Instructions Available for Improved Closefaced Helmets state: "Download and install the "Improved Closefaced Helmets (Legendary Edition)" and the "Update - Male corundum Dragon Priest mask texture fix" update file. Merge when asked for installing the update file." I installed the Main File, I then installed the Update. I was not asked about Merging the two files. The installed files show separately in the left pane of MO, but only the Main File shows on the right pan of MO. So, does Mod Orgnizer "merge" an Update into the main file upon installation? Or did i install it incorrectly? Or am I supposed to merge pre-Install? Or is there a drop-down menu piece that's supposed to merge these two files? What'd I miss, as I'm sure this will come up again later. Thanks!
  8. With the latest update of MO, 1.2.15, some users are apparently overly concerned with some minor issues. Currently Tannin has locked the Nexus forum due to the amount of pointless questions that are asking the same thing that was answered only a handful of posts previously. A similar thing does occur here in the MO support forum, and also in the wider STEP forum. So, what steps should you take if think you need to post a question? Observe the Pins -- At the top of the Mod Organizer Support forum is a bunch of stickies (this is one of them). There are solutions to common problems there. Check there first. Search the forum -- In the top right hand corner is the 'Search' function. It works. It works REALLY WELL. Use it. Search the forum again -- If your chosen search parameters didn't yield the answer you wanted, choose something else. Search the forum yet again -- Yes I do mean this. Sometimes the answer may be in a post that isn't directly related to your issue. Read the posts -- As well as searching for direct answers, read a section of current threads as often snippets of information that are valid for a wide range of issues may be mentioned. Don't worry -- Mostly the issues you have are minor and wont affect your gaming experience. Phrase your post in a way that elicits helpful replies -- "Why did your update break my game?" or "This function is stupid" are not very attractive even though that is what you may be feeling at the time. We've all done it, posted in the heat of update rage. From now on though, just take a minutes break and calm first, then word your question. Does your input really need to be added? -- Is what you are asking, or stating, add to the overall infobase about the issue? Could you just wait and see if others have similar problems and thus verify that what YOU are seeing is actually an issue. Be helpful -- Along with asking the question, provide as much detail as you can. Any settings that you have that will be needed to replicate the issue. Use [spoiler]text[/spoiler] tags or post them into a hosting service like PasteBin. Include screenshots if they help. The more you tell, the quicker the solution will be. When the answer is provided, it will be helpful to mark that response as 'Answered' thus assisting the users to see where their attention can be directed Come back -- When you feel like adding to the experience and you have something you can assist with, feel free to do so. Avoid the "Einstellung Effect". -- That is asking for help with your solution rather than asking for help with your problem. That is, you are trying to solve problem X and you think solution Y would work. But instead of asking about X when you run into trouble, you ask about Y.
  9. When cleaning the DLC esm's, the instructions say to right-click on Overwrite and create a new mod called "Cleaned Dawnguard ESM", etc. However, it does not say to do this for the Update esm, but this esm leaves a file and backup inside the Overwrite folder. Should I delete these, or follow the same instructions as the DLC overwrites? Thanks! Just so no one needs to reference it, here are the entire instructions listed in the Step wiki: [EDIT] Going back over the instructions and experimenting, it seems that I just don't need to check "Backup", and it cleans the esm without leaving it in the overwrite folder. I'm assuming that's what the instructions are meant to get across, but it's very confusing, especially since I think "Backup" is checked by default (that or it just stays checked once checked initially).
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