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TES5Edit crash when running DynDOLOD TexGen



So my TES5Edit 3.1.1 is crashing when running DynDOLOD TexGen.



[00:00:00.000]    DynDOLOD TexGen by Sheson, starting...
[00:00:00.010]    Creating some temporary files
[00:00:04.674]    Generating LOD textures to D:\TES5LODGenOutput\
[00:00:04.680]      Working on 1
[00:00:05.439]      Working on 3
[00:00:07.723]      Working on 34
[00:00:32.651]      Working on 9
Exception in unit userscript line 288:
[Apply Script done]  Processed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:32

Bugreport: here


Modlist: here


SystemSpecs: here

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Can you load your entire load order in TES5Edit ? 


Because this : 


exception message : Access violation at address 00406A80 in module 'TES5Edit.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

Doesn't look like an error from DynDOLOD, rather you have a broken mod. There is some I know of, but I didn't saw them in the list you posted.


If that's the case, just load your entire load order in TES5Edit, it'll stop when trying to build ref infos for the plugin and write the error in the log, something like this :


[00:18] Background Loader: [NameOfFaultyPlugin.esp] Building reference info.
[00:18] Background Loader: Error: unknown record type 
[00:18] Background Loader: Fatal: <EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 007952CC in module 'TES5Edit.exe'. Read of address 00000000>
[00:21] Background Loader: finished
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