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  1. Should this be merged in the bashed patch? Should the trap fixes esp be active at the end?
  2. Sheson got my problem fixed. Check my thread or the thread EssArrBee linked for the solution.
  3. Yeah, but MO is supposed to catch the change of the esm and put it in "overwrite" so I can create a "mod" of that.
  4. But I have a SSD and am having the issue, that MO does not register the change of the update.esm.
  5. So, because of my SSD it is too fast to pick it up?
  6. Ok thanks, I did this for all the DLCs too. Now I just have to fix my other error and I can have a go at actually playing with STEP.
  7. I made a video so you guys can see what is happening for me. Maybe this will help.
  8. As you can see in TES5Edit_log, my entire list is loaded and here is my new TES5Edit_bugreport . *edit* Thanks to sheson, who linked me here. This is now solved. For whoever reads this trying to fix the error. The TexGen script takes a while and TES5Edit will say "not responding" while its working.
  9. Could someone please check out my error I am having with TES5Edit and DynDOLOD TexGen? Thank you
  10. yeah I just put the cleaned files into the Data folder, but this does not let me put the "Cleaned ESM" in the loadorder of MO after the uncleaned version.
  11. I am having the exact same problem when running DynDOLOD TexGen. I made a topic in the xEdit section.
  12. So my TES5Edit 3.1.1 is crashing when running DynDOLOD TexGen. Bugreport: here Modlist: here SystemSpecs: here
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