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Hi guys,


Lately I've found myself in the position where I have far more Skyrim development projects than I can complete.  This has led me to the idea that it might be cool to have a network of xEdit developers who can work together on projects, and focus their collective attention on particularly promising efforts.  The network would be for anyone interested in making xEdit related solutions.  It doesn't matter if you don't have any experience.


Below are some examples of projects that would fit in this network:

  1. xEdit Scripts
  2. Standalone applications using xEdit as an API
    • Merge Plugins Standalone
    • Mator Smash Standalone
  3. Guides/Tutorials
    • xEdit Scripting Guide


Ultimately I want to be able to make it so developers can share their work with each other and create an environment of learning and contribution.  If someone has too much stuff on their plate they can pass things off to other developers to tackle.


This is based on the idea that we all just want to make solutions that people find useful.  I know I have a backlog of like 10 scripts I need to update and maybe 10 more that I haven't had the chance to make.  Rather than just sitting on all these potentially valuable solutions, I'd like to share them with newer TES5Edit scripters so they can get the chance to learn more about TES5Edit scripting and make a cool new tool for the community to benefit from.  If you think this sounds like a good idea, please post a reply!



First off is an xEdit subreddit:

xEdit Subreddit


This will be a place for announcements and following ongoing projects.  It's largely intended for the general xEdit audience.


Second up is the xEdit HipChat:

Guest Access
Join xEdit HipChat


This will serve as a place for general discussion, support requests, and development efforts.  I'm really excited about HipChat and the integrations it offers with services like Google Drive, Asana, GitHub, and BitBucket.



Feel free to join!  I'm looking to bring more people into xEdit scripting and development, so come one come all

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Your link to the nexus forum point to the reserved section, not everyone can access this (I believe you need a nexus mod with at least 500 downloads or endorsements)



Otherwise the initiative sounds good. I was thinking at giving it a shot myself to create a dynamic name-sorting mod during the summer (couldn't find one).




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