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ENB Series brightness/contrast issues



This is my first post here. I read through all of the info before doing so and I should to mention I don't know anything about STEP builds or instructions. I found this site in my continuing failed efforts to get ENB Series looking right on my system. It seems I am virtually alone with the problems I have been experiencing because I have found, maybe, a couple of other people asking for help with similar issues, but nobody every replied to their requests for help - this was on another forum.


Some general info I think might be important:

ENB Series v0.262

Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel-V3

Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Realistic Lighting Overhaul Update 4_0_8_02




What is my problem?

I can't get various brightness and contrast settings right in every location in the game, at every time of day. Sometimes I'm in a dungeon, I make some adjustments, and it looks great. I leave the dungeon and go outside, everything is too bright. I fix that, but when I go inside a house or some other interior, everything is too bright or dark or saturated or I can barely see the faces of people..

Seems like every time I plug a hole, I create another one and I have been searching on and off, bit by bit for MONTHS for a solution.


Here are a few pics to illustrate. By the way, you can use your cursor keys to flip back and forth through the images.


Here are two examples of the problems I WAS having:

Here is an interior BEFORE


Interior AFTER



Another exterior BEFORE



And another exterior AFTER



I know the After's are not perfect and these are just a couple of examples, results varied.




My CURRENT state is this for an interior:




But I just discovered that when I turn off UseOriginalObjectsProcessing, I get this:





I actually like Original objects processing for the most part, especially because of the shadows. As I have my ENB adjusted right now, you can barely see shadows. But I don't know how to tweak it and I certainly have not been able to adjust my settings to get results that are close to what you see in the screen capture.


I suppose one would need to see my ENBSERIES.INI but I don't want to assume that and dump it all right here without someone telling me they want to see if first. It may be important to look at other config files first, I don't know.


I'm not expecting to find the exact solution, if I can at least have some one point me in the right direction, that would be great. Any help at all is much better than what I have right now.








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I would start by incorporating ELE into your setup. It normalizes lighting and allows authors/tweakers to do exactly what you're wanting to do.

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Many thanks for that!
Funny though, I was not able to figure out how to actually use it. Looked everywhere for instructions or commands.. Nothing..
But taking a break from that search, I decided to look over my ENB Series and Realvision ENB settings and install instructions again (have done that a couple of times already). Turns out there were a couple of .INI settings I missed for Realvision. I also sort of reset it in the process of reinstalling it, as it asked me for some options when I did so - something not all mods do when you remove and then reinstall them (I noticed my "god rays" had disappeared after installing a series of mods a couple of months ago - now they are back). Depth of Field is also working again - which also broke some time in the past for some unknown reason.


So I will leave it as is for now and probably not bother with ELE, but the bad news is the ENB Host is constantly crashing now. I ran around in the game to take the new screen shots, and when I got to the last location near... can't rememeber.. but to take the last shot of the snow scene, it crashed. That is when my problems with ENB Host started. I guess that will be my next homework assignment. But here are a few screen shots of how it looks now..








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JawZ might be able to help. He's pretty busy though, but I'll notify him of this thread and your ELE problem. He'll likely pop in whenever he has some time.

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Much appreciated! Will let you know if I find a solution.

Have had to tangle with ENB Host in the prior version - adjusting total VRAM, reserve memory size, ect. Was quite stable until now..

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I would remove all current ENBSeries files you have, and only use these files for testing, which you should grab from the latest build of Skyrim ENB;


Wrapper Version/d3d9.dll;





enbeffect.fx (Without this shader file functional and present the game will crash on load, never while in-game playing. A safety measure Boris have added and removed now and then in between versions)

Also make sure to download the ENBSeries helper plugin


Create or drag the enbseries folder into the Skyrim root folder, and afterwards place the enbeffect.fx and helper plugin in that folder, helper plugin must reside in that folder! if memory serves.


If you are still encountering the same issues with the default files than you should try the Injector version, replace d3d9.dll with ENBInjector.exe + enbseries.dll.

Still not working as it should, then it isn't ENBSeries that has the issue but something else, badly configured Skyrim .ini files (most likely, can be reset by the Game launcher or some Steam update, re-caching of local content etc), some bad mod of some kind (Not that likely based on the issues you had, sounds more like a invalid value for bFloatPointRenderTarget).



VideoMemorySizeMbTotal Video Memory - 128or256 or Total Video Memory - "Current Available VRAM seen in task manager when game is running", that is the only formula that you should use, none of that other nonsense as it doesn't apply anymore. Never really did either, except in the very first versions Boris released with the Memory "Patch".

Or simply use the AutodetectVideoMemorySize and have the VideoMemorySizeMb= empty, without anything entered after =


ReservedMemorySizeMb = Testing, and again testing. Use Skyrim Performance Monitor and it's Screenshot tool, establish a base performance parameter by doing three initial and as identical runs as you can per changed value to get an accurate reading of any ups or downs in performance. 3rd times the charm and all that.

You can also use the Performance Hall to stress test your system in a identical situation, for a faster and easier way of duplicating the performance results with as minimal variation in between the setting changes.

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Hi guys.

So I tried your first suggestion leaving only the files you listed ect, and ended up with a crash to desktop. So I tried the injector and that did it. Went ahead and reapplied the environment mods I have installed and things look much better. Just need some tweaking as I go but this is the point I've been trying to get to on and off for months. Many thanks!

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