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SkyRealism (multiple mods)


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SkyRealims *



This mod applies bonuses and penalties to the Dragonborn's speed in 10% increments, based upon their total inventory weight and their warrior skill totals. This is based on the assumption that physically active characters are stronger, and thus able to carry more without being slowed down. 

Capacity and Carry Weight

This mod alters the player's carry weight, effectively treating it as a storage space limitation. This is based on the assumption that you can only carry what you are wearing and what you can fit in backpacks, bags, bandoliers, pockets, and pouches. 

Skills and Statistics

This mod alters the health, magicka, and stamina statistics by making them directly tied to the number of ranks that a player has in skills that should influence those statistics. Only a small amount of your total health, magicka, and stamina comes from level up bonuses that you distribute yourself. Skills which have no effect on these attributes (speech, lockpicking, etc.) have had the amount of experience that they apply to your level reduced or eliminated, and level now more closely corresponds to your combat potential.

Stealth and Sneak Detection Durations

This is an extremely lightweight sneak detection duration mod. If you're looking for something that completely overhauls the sneak system, this is not for you. This mod changes the durations that NPCs will remain alert for after detecting the player, spotting the player, or being attacked by the player. I have not changed the difficulties or algorithms in sneaking in any way, just the durations. Some of the other upcoming mods will make sneaking much more difficult by virtue of item weight adjustments.

Time Scale and Travel Speed

This is a lightweight timescale mod, which changes the TimeScale to 6 and changes fFastTravelSpeedMult to 2, so that time passes more slowly and fast travelling takes roughly the same time as jogging to a location. It will dynamically change the TimeScale back to 20 in certain areas where non-standard timescales cause Quest or NPC AI problems. 

Simple Save System

Sometimes death is unavoidable. Especially if you play on Master difficulty with Skyrim Scaling Stopper like I do. This simple mod performs an automatic save every 2 minutes. Options are available for less frequent auto save times.

Mass and Materials

This mod alters the weight of all items in the game by converting their weights to pounds, and adjusting the crafting recipes to account for conservation of mass and the materials observed on the crafted items. In addition, recipes have been added for nearly all non-artifact weapons and armor in Skyrim. 

Portable Crafting Kits

This mod adds portable crafting kits to the game for alchemy, cooking, enchanting, smelting, smithing, sharpening, and tempering. They can be created at any forge, and are listed under the "Misc" section, along with most of the other things you'll need to make them. You might have to pay a visit to your local blacksmith, alchemist, or wizard to pick up a few supplies first though.For those who feel that portable crafting shouldn't be quite so easy or portable, you can check out the Dragonkiller Cart mod, which adds a horse-drawn cart that can be upgraded with a smelter, enchanting table, and so on. Highly recommended!

Feast and Famine

This mod makes basic needs such as food, water, and sleep a requirement, all based on in-game time passed. This mod is intended to be used in conjunction with the other SkyRealism mods that I will be releasing. 

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I used to use some of those, they are all well thought out and work well together. I wanted to use Capacity & Carry Weight along with Encumbrance in current playthrough, but saw this on the mod's page:


You may have problems with certain mods using this: Realistic Ragdolls and Force and Frostfall's W.E.A.R. system are both known to cause issues.

Since I'm also planning to use Frostfall, I decided to abandon SkyR. Shame, as they really add to immersion.

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I've asked the question on the new mod page (the combined one). Here's the reply (speedy one too!):




All the testing I've done indicates they're compatible. However, I'm so far the only person who's tested this. If you do find bugs, lemme know!

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