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Worldspace and Nav mesh conflict resolution?




I use a few mods that change towns/cities, like a lot of us probably do- for me it's JK Cities, ETaC, and Skyrim Sewers. Looking in TESedit I do notice some conflicting worldspace and nav mesh edits between these and certain other mods, such as Interesting NPCs. I'm just not sure what if anything to do about them. If I make a patch, how do I choose which mod's changes to use? It's nowhere near as obvious as say, NPC stat changes. Reviewing the mod pages on Nexus I don't see anything in particular warning about conflicts, or anyone else even noting them- in fact in many cases when people ask "Is JK compatible?", for instance, they get responses saying yes, even though I can clearly see the conflicting records. 


Am I just being overzealous? 

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That is a complex response but in short yes you can but you have to do it in the CK because xEdit can only understand the raw data.

You are not really using edits from one mod but rather you are making your own patch.

I wouldn't worry too much about JK because he uses the collision meshes.


hmm, I'll add you to a pm conversation and you you can read through it. Theres some good info and it may be exactly what you are looking for.

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