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    • By z929669
      In preparation for the forthcoming release of the Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition (SAE), Step is advising that all Skyrim Special Edition guide users (and anyone that mods SSE in general) back up their game directory: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\.*
      If drive space is an issue, the SKSE team recommends backup of Skyrim.exe and Update.esm.
      This will prevent being 'stuck' with the update if automatic updates are enabled via Steam. No other action is needed to maintain compatibility with SKSE64 and associated mods. It may require the better part of a year for all SKSE-dependent mods to update.
      Steam & Game Maintenance SAE-SKSE Plugin Status Maintaining Two Concurrent Instances of SSE (1.5.97) and SAE (1.6.318)
      Rename the "Skyrim Special Edition" folder (in ..\Steam\steamapps\common), e.g. to "Skyrim Special Edition-SSE", in Windows Explorer. Trigger the Skyrim AE update ("Verify integrity ... " of SSE files from the Library or on the Downloads panel in the Steam client, click the button to start the pending download). Steam will download and install Skyrim 1.6.318 from scratch in a new "Skyrim Special Edition" folder. Wait for it to complete. Configure updates to only download at game launch Rename this folder to "Skyrim Special Edition-SAE" Now that there are two game folders "Skyrim Special Edition-SSE" (1.5.97) and "Skyrim Special Edition-SAE" (1.6.318), they can each be renamed interchangeably to "Skyrim Special Edition", and Steam will be none the wiser. This allows all tools (mod manager, DynDOLOD, LOOT, BethINI, etc.) to be used as normal against either version with folder name "Skyrim Special Edition".
      We recommend creating a new MO 'instance' for the SAE version, so that mod builds can be maintained independently. Profiles can also be used as well as various hybrid configurations that are beyond scope here.
    • By z929669
      If anyone has mod suggestions for Oblivion, please create a "mod thread" inside the STEP Mods Forum. When creating the thread, members are able to add a "Prefix Tag" for the game to which the mod applies (Skyrim is default if no prefix is indicated).
      The prefixes serve as a visual indicator, and the tag itself serves as an information management tool (Hint, click on a tag name in the thread or forum titles to get a listing of all threads containing that tag).
      Existing thread prefixes in the Mods forum include:
      [FALLOUT 3]
      [FALLOUT NV]
      Thanks for your cooperation!
    • By z929669
      Up until a week or so ago, forum members that had never logged into the wiki prior to Feb 12, 2021 were unable to log onto the Step wiki. Why? We had permissions missing after the site move at that time.
      Since nobody mentioned it until @Ruedii did so a couple of weeks ago, we never knew it. It should be fixed now, so that anyone that has forum membership should once again be able to log onto the wiki with same member name and password.
      note that if your member name begins with a lower case letter, it will need to be upper case for the wiki user name. This is just a wiki thing, so no getting around it. Once logged in, simply check the box so that future logins don't require a password (if browser cookies are enabled).
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