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Mod Organizer support for Caliente's TexBlend


Hi folks.


I've just reinstalled Skyrim and modded up using MO for the first time, and been thoroughly impressed by it. However, having made some changes to NPCs myself I've got the usual neckseam problems (I'm using Apachii hairs and CBBE as well as a few other hair, eye and texture replacers).  I've seen a handful of people saying that they just added TexBlend to MO as an EXE as per usual and that it 'just worked' but that's not my experience.


While the program seems to run ok (it loads all the correct files etc.) when it saves, nothing appears either in my Overwrite folder or in Skyrim\Data, so I have no idea where (if at all) the blended files are being saved.


I've even tried editing the config.xml file for TexBlend to try and force it to write the files out elsewhere but to no avail.


Has anyone actually got this working, or alternatively got a suggestion of another way to get rid of neckseams in a MO friendly way?


Thanks for any help.



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The forum for Caliente's Texture Blender has a posting by a user called @notThePiper that provides the details needed to get this tool running in MO.

It is (at the time of this post) about half way down the 1st page.


It is basically just a reminder that after installing this package, I placed in its own folder in a dedicated folder I use for all my mod tools: C:\Games\Utils\TexBlend\ and then inside MO adding the executable: TexBlend.exe to the list of executables.


I just did a basic test of blending a texture and the result appears in the 'Overwrite' folder.

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Yeah, that's exactly how I've got it set up - except that when it says it's saved the file nothing appears in Overwrite - or anywhere else that I can see.

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MO might be getting confused and automatically placing the files in an existing mod, as it does when creating a bashed patch after the first time. Maybe try checking the Information tab of your bashed batch etc?

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Some stuff about "The fix is in!", from the "Calientes Texture Blender" forum.


From Ozef below: 

For those Using MO 
- Install TexBlender anywhere you want 
- Go to texblend installation folder / open Config.xml 
- Uncomment <TexOutputPath> and put MO overwrite folder path like C:\Mod Organizer\overwrite\ DON'T Forget the f***ing last anti-slash 
- Save Config.xml 
- Add the TexBlend.exe in MO executable 
- Launch via MO and your good to Go. This way the modified files should go to your overwrite folder instead of directly modifing the original texture 

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    • By alt3rn1ty
      @ Skyrim SE Nexus 

      Description :

      CBBE Optional Body Skin textures (Diffuse Maps), plus matching hands, for clean or dirty skin, pubic hair variations, and nipple choices. All Diffuse map options in original 4k size, or now also in 2k size.

      There are also Normal Map Options which are the same as on CBBE page, but in 2k size. So for different machine specifications you can mix them up to reduce VRAM usage .. 4k Diffuse + 4k Normal for the screen archers out there, 4k Diffuse + 2k Normal to conserve a bit of VRAM, or 2k Diffuse + 2k Normal to go back to vanilla Skyrim SE texture sizes. Personally I have 3gb VRAM so like the 4k Diffuse, but even though I can use the 4k normal aswell I prefer saving a bit and using the 2k normal .. In normal gameplay you will not really notice the very slight difference a 4k normal makes.

      The textures in this mod are BC7 (Linear, Fine) format.
      (They are not backwards compatible with Old Skyrim)

      CBBE SE .psd Resources were used as the basis for making these textures in all cases.

      If you also use the Normal Map Options, you can effectively produce many
      more combinations of diversity with bump mapping of your choice ..
      .. More defined Muscular, varying cleavage etc etc, giving a wide range of body definition.

      Options included :

      (Diffuse maps)

      CleanSkin BrightNipple HairShaven
      CleanSkin BrightNipple HairStrip
      CleanSkin BrightNipple HairThick
      CleanSkin BrightNipple HairThickest
      CleanSkin BrightNipple HairThin
      CleanSkin BrightNipple HairWild
      CleanSkin DarkNipple HairShaven
      CleanSkin DarkNipple HairStrip
      CleanSkin DarkNipple HairThick
      CleanSkin DarkNipple HairThickest
      CleanSkin DarkNipple HairThin
      CleanSkin DarkNipple HairWild
      CleanSkin HairShaven
      CleanSkin HairStrip
      CleanSkin HairThick
      CleanSkin HairThickest
      CleanSkin HairThin
      CleanSkin HairWild
      DirtySkin BrightNipple HairShaven
      DirtySkin BrightNipple HairStrip
      DirtySkin BrightNipple HairThick
      DirtySkin BrightNipple HairThickest
      DirtySkin BrightNipple HairThin
      DirtySkin BrightNipple HairWild
      DirtySkin DarkNipple HairShaven
      DirtySkin DarkNipple HairStrip
      DirtySkin DarkNipple HairThick
      DirtySkin DarkNipple HairThickest
      DirtySkin DarkNipple HairThin
      DirtySkin DarkNipple HairWild
      DirtySkin HairShaven
      DirtySkin HairStrip
      DirtySkin HairThick
      DirtySkin HairThickest
      DirtySkin HairThin
      DirtySkin HairWild

      (Normal maps)

      Sevenbase Muscular

      Requirements :

      CBBE SE <- Install this first, then overwrite with the diffuse / normal maps of your choice.
      Install order is important for this to work correctly.

      Installation :

      Manual installation - Use 7zip to extract the archive. Inside you will find a fomod folder with named images, which correspond with a named folder. Make your choice of folder, open it and then copy the texture folder ( and its contents ), then paste the textures folder into ..

      ~Path to game installation~ \ Skyrim Special Edition \ Data \  <-- In here

      You are installing two files which replace the same files from CBBE SE, so you should be asked to overwrite, click Okay.

      textures \ actors \ character \ female \ femalebody_1.dds
      textures \ actors \ character \ female \ femalehands_1.dds

      The hands file is of particular importance for the dirty skin options, to match at the wrist join.
      CBBE SE (or its resource file) does not have its own matching dirty version of the hands texture.

      If you also use the CBBE Normal Map Options 2k, there is just one additional file to install

      textures \ actors \ character \ female \ femalebody_1_msn.dds.

      Wrye Bash ( Wizard - Recommended ) - Place the zip in Bash Installers folder ( or drag and drop it onto the Wrye Bash Installers Tab ).
      Right click the installer in Wrye Bash and choose Wizard, then follow the intructions and make choices.

      Other Mod Managers ( Fomod scripted Installation ) - I believe it will install with Nexus Mod Manager, and the upcoming Vortex ( so long as it supports fomod scripted installers ). It will probably also install with MO aswell .. I cant test all possibilities because I do not use any of them.

      Uninstallation :

      Manual - Delete the two files ..

      ~Path to game~ \ skyrim special edition \ data \ textures \ actors \ character \ female \ femalebody_1.dds
      ~Path to game~ \ skyrim special edition \ data \ textures \ actors \ character \ female \ femalehands_1.dds

      And if you used the Normal Map Options
      ~Path to game~ \ skyrim special edition \ data \ textures \ actors \ character \ female \ femalebody_1.dds

      Then re-install the CBBE SE originals

      Wrye Bash or other Mod Managers - Refer to their documentation on uninstalling your mods.

      Tools used :

      Photoshop - With Intel Texture Works plugin

      Permission :

      You're free to use the CBBE body for outfits, companions or similar if you follow the rules below.
      Just credit the CBBE team and provide a link back there!

      1. For re-uploading the whole mod or parts of it without notable edits to any website, including the Nexus, please ask for permission first.
      2. Distribution by, or sub-licensing to, parties not expressly given permission is disallowed.
      3. You are currently NOT allowed to upload or use any part of the CBBE meshes and textures on Bethesda.net. This includes within outfit mods, companions or any other type of mods.
      4. No file available on this page is to be sold for monetary gain anywhere. Outfits making use of the CBBE body are not to be sold anywhere.

      For permissions or questions, contact Caliente, ousnius or Jeir. CBBE team

      Credits :

      - Caliente
      - ousnius
      - Jeir
      - Lunyra for some of the blend options in the PSD resources

      - Bethesda for providing the (bug ridden .. but excellent) games
      - Arthmoor and all members of the community who contribute to the Unofficial Patch Project
      - Mertz for everything he is doing to spread the love for Wrye Bash WizBAINs
      - Utumno, long suffering one-man-coding-machine and leader of the Wrye Bash team ..
      .. If you know Python, go lend a hand.
    • By FalloutPrime
      Sick of getting the error saying it can't extract a given file? Well look no further.
      o.O I have fixed the script. O.o 
      It was as simple as the mod creator (Caliente) overlooking a slash in one of the pathing strings that needed to be there for the file path of the brows to be correct for the structure of the archive. 

      The install now works flawlessly. No errors reported at least.

      To fix,
      1) Simply download the edited script file I have linked at the bottom of this post.
      2) Open the CBBE archive you get from nexus. navigate to the fomod folder (it will already have a script.cs file in it). Delete that file.
      3) Drag and drop the new script into the same place you just deleted the old one from. Close the archive.
      4) Place the edited archive in your "Mod Organizer/downloads" folder.
      5) Open MO, install from the downloads tab.
      6) Enjoy.
      NOTE: I have only uploaded the script, and not just a fully working archive. You must download and edit the archive yourself. This is to save people that already have the archive from having to download it again, cause nexus is freakin slow without a sub.
    • By Braden
      System Specs:  Not applicable
      Mod Manager:  MOD Organizer 1.1.2
      STEP:  Followed completely (as far as I am aware -- I used the STEP guide when installing Skyrim)
      INI Tweaks:  None.
      When I load a bunch of CBBE armors into Mod Organizer (and then check the box), I go to bodyslide 2.0, but only the short list of default stuff that Caliente provides appears.  All of the armors I installed do not appear on the list.  What am I doing wrong?
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