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  1. Thank you for the response. This I did know. The text files do not show the mod list in the same state that it shows in the left column. What I have been doing is hand typing the information from the left column in an excel document. It would be much easier to be able to copy the column as it is. But I do not think it exists. Thanks anyway. I have something that is really interesting occurring. I thought I would mansion it because I don't know where to put it. I use an exbox 360 controller to play through Mod Organizer. When leaving the game and returning to the desk top the cursor continues to drift on the screen. I have had this drifting happen in game when the controller starts to wear out but I have tried several different controllers including new ones so I doubt it is because of a faulty controller. The thing is this only happens when playing through Mod Organizer. I do not have the same effect occur when playing other games like playing directly through Steam or Bethesda. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if they have found a cure?
  2. Thank you. Why is it that the simple things can be the most elusive?
  3. Is it possible to print a copy of the left column. of MO?
  4. These settings are all correct. I have installed several FOMOD mods before without a problem but this one and another by the same author will not go.
  5. I have been trying to install this mod for a long time now and have not had any success. The mod is (CBBE-Beautiful Nails Mod-Scratchy Edition) from Nexus Mods https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7748 I have 195 mods installed and running in game just fine. No matter how I try to install it Fomod or manual I get the same result. In the left box I have the warning “No valid game dataâ€. In the file tree I have tried to set the data directory in every file in there. I still do not get “Looks Good†in green. I have tried re-downloading many times but still not I have been searching in all of the forums, guides and videos I can find but still have no answers. I do hope someone can help resolve this issue.
  6. I guess I was a little premature. The one thing we haven't talk about is the situation of the missing .esp files. I have worked around all but two of them. I thought perhaps in re-doing the setup I might have changed to and update of the mod but that isn't the problem. I have tried to re-download and re-install them but that doesn't seem to be the problem ether. Could someone shed some light on this one?
  7. Thank you for all of the. I think I am on the right track of getting things to work correctly. We can label this one solved.
  8. I think I may have already screwed up. When I go in game and select load all of the old saves are not there. I checked the saves in the file you are suggesting and it seems all of the files are in there. How would I get MO to recognize those save. I have about four characters in there that were created in the old system. Right now I can not access them in game or through MO. I do have a new character that I created yesterday that is working fine. I have one of the old characters from the old game that is set up correctly in MO. The saves show in the right box and also when I enter the game through that profile, it shows up in game but it is telling me it is missing several mods. This I really do not understand. all of the mods are in MO and work fine.
  9. Hi, This is what I have. Default profile: “Use profile specific Save Game†is checked. “User profile special Game INI File†is checked. If I select the “Transfer Saves†tab and it opens I have a group of files in the left box “Global Characters†and the right box is empty. Character created in new Mod Organizer setup: The same settings. Opening the “transfer Saves†tab there are groups of saves in both boxes. The right saves are different from the left. I was following “Gopher’s†tutorial and followed his directions and copied the left box to the right box. Character created when using Nexus: The same situation as the other character. If I reverse what I had done and copy the file on the right back to the left side, will this correct the issue? I am leery of doing this because of the window that opens and says “Copy all save games of that character to the global location? Please be aware that this will ness up the running number of save gamesâ€. Gopher said that would be correct but that video was done a wile ago and I know several things has changed in MO since then. Thank you for the assistance.
  10. I have switched from Nexus Mod Manager to Mod Organizer 2.20. I have in game saves from when I was using Nexus Mod Manager and also the saves from the profile in Mod Organizer. When I open any of the saves in game, that where created when I was using Nexus Mod Manager, the message comes up, that I am missing several mods that this save relies on. Another point in this matter is, if I select the Default profile all of the saves show up. If I select the profile that I created from Mod Organizer the saves from the profile of the character that I crated when using Nexus Mod Manager saves appear. When selecting the profile from the Nexus Mod Manager it shows the correct saves but shows the missing mod error. I have created three profiles. The first is the default profile, one for the new character when starting the use of Mod Manager and one for the old character that was created when using Nexus Mod Manager. All have basically the same set up. I have transferred the saves for the Nexus character by copying them from the “global characters†to the “Characters for profile†for that character, in the profile manager within Mod Organizer.
  11. I am using “Mod Organizer. I have built a new body in “BodySlideâ€. I changed the setting in “Settings†to reflect the path to the “overwrite†folder in Mod Organizer instead of the game data folder. I hit “Save As†and saved to that folder (Overwrites). I hit “Build†and closed BodySlide. In “MOâ€, I created a new mod and gave it a name. I placed that new mod under BodySlide in load Order. Oh No, I then realized I had not done the batch build. I returned to BodySlide and the new preset is not there. I looked in the “Mod Organizer/mods/BodySlide and Outfit Studio/Tools/BodySlide/Presets†and there it is. Could someone tell me, is this correct or not? I thought I had everything set up correctly, and by the way, the body does not show up in game.
  12. I have started using MO v2.2.0 for fallout 4. After using MO for Skyrim, for about two years and thought it was the greatest. I still feel that way. So, when NMM was dumped I went to Vortex and found it to be a piece of s*** (no other way to say it). So, I started with MO2 and found many improvements from the time it started. So, I am somewhat familiar with its workings. Let me say in advance I do not seem to have a problem with FOMODS. The problem I am having is when installing mods. Once the mod is downloaded, I double click the mod to install it. The quick install window opens and I select Manual. The next window opens on most of the mods that states "No game data on top level". Then I go down the list of files and try to choose the data file and select it. I then choose the data file so it will be placed on the top. Now it is supposed to turn green and say "it looks good". But when I try to select the data file nothing happens. Next I have tried to select OK but as you know it tells me "This mod was probably NOT set up correctly, most likely it will NOT work. You should first correct the directory using the content-tree". How do I do this? Probably, half of my mods have this same issue and I am not sure how to proceed from there. In the left column I have 166 mods. In the right Plugins column, I have 200. My question is, what do I have to do to fix this problem or am I not understanding something?
  13. I have had no issues with fomods running Mod Organizer 2, until now. I am trying to install "AAF Basic Animations Theme". I had it installed earlier but had to uninstall it. When I re-downloaded it, it came up with this error "Installation as fomod failed: No conditions were successful in an 'OR' clause!". I have tried several times to re-download the mod but keep getting the same error. As I said, I have had no issues until now. Could someone assist please. Thanks in advance. I figured it out. I had installed AAF.esm but had not checked in eather the left side nor the right side. Once I checked them off MO allowed me to install the "AAF Basic Theme) mod. Sorry for cluttering up the forum.
  14. Many of the mods I try to install, MO 2.2.0 will not allow me to select a game data folder to put on the top level. All I get is the Red “No game data on the top levelâ€. This does not seem normal. As we know this is the typical dropdown that appears if I choose yes. “This mod was probably NOT set up correctly, most likely it will NOT work. You should first correct the directory layout using the content-tree). How and where does one access the content-tree? How do I proceed from here?
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